Honey Ryder Barbie Doll

Honey Ryder – Barbie Loves Bond Collection Black Label Collection

This Honey Ryder Barbie is not only a beautiful addition to your Barbie collection, but it also makes a great gift for any fan of the James Bond franchise.

Suitable for collectors aged 15 years and up, this Barbie doll weighs approximately one pound and is sure to become a treasured addition to any collection. Bring home the magic and adventure of James Bond with Honey Ryder Barbie today.

Honey Ryder Barbie

Honey Ryder Barbie

Introducing the gorgeous and captivating Honey Ryder Barbie, the latest addition to the Black Label Collector Barbie series. Designed by the talented Linda Kyaw, this Barbie doll is the third and final release in the first wave of the Barbie Loves Bond Collection, featuring a series of dolls inspired by various Bond Girls from the iconic James Bond 007 films.

Honey Ryder Barbie pays tribute to the original Bond Girl, played by Ursula Andress, who made her debut in the first-ever James Bond movie, Dr. No.

Cool, confident, and unforgettable, Honey Ryder helped James Bond on his mission and won over our hearts with her beauty and bravery. Now, you can relive the magic of the movie with this stunning Barbie doll dressed in Honey’s iconic white bikini.

With attention to detail, the Honey Ryder Barbie comes dressed in a movie-accurate outfit, complete with a scabbard on her hip and a sheathed knife, so you can relive that iconic moment when she emerges from the sea.

The doll also comes with one lone accessory, a pearl-white clutch, to complete her look. Her rooted eyelashes add a touch of realism to this already enchanting Barbie doll.

The Honey Ryder Barbie comes in a box with the classic gun barrel art, in reference to the opening and closing credits of a 007 film, making her the last doll in the collection to feature this iconic background art.

Plus, the doll features the exclusive Daria face mold, making her the first in the collection to have it, with Octopussy Barbie being the only other doll in the series to use the same mold.

What are Black Label Barbies?

Introduced in 2004, the Black Label tier of Barbie dolls are designed for collectors aged 14 years and up. Similar to the Pink Label, there’s no production limit on Black Label Barbies. However, collectors greatly appreciate the sophisticated packaging and breathtaking designs of these dolls, making them perfect for display in their original boxes.

Some of the most notable Black Label dolls include the Jennifer Lopez Red Carpet Doll, and other Bond girls Pussy Galore and Solitaire. These exquisite dolls are the epitome of elegance and style, making them a must-have for any serious Barbie collector.

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