Emily Bolton

Emily Bolton Biography

Emily Bolton as Manuela

Emily Bolton was born in 1951 and is a Dutch actress who was raised in both England and the Netherlands. Despite her early passion for becoming a concert pianist, she decided to pursue a career in acting at the age of eighteen.

Bolton’s most notable role was in the James Bond film Moonraker (1979), where she was cast as Bond girl Manuela, 007’s Rio de Janeiro contact. She also appeared in various television shows, including Space: 1999 as Operative June (uncredited), Tenko as Christina Campbell, and Capital City as Sylvia Roux Teng. Her other television credits include Survivors, Gangsters, and Crossroads.

In addition to her television work, Bolton also appeared in several films. She played Miss Thailand in Percy’s Progress, Bianca de Saulles in Valentino, and Susan in Empire State.


Emily Bolton was credited as June Bolton in some of her early roles. According to the book Tenko Reunion, she is no longer acting and has since become an agent.

Overall, Emily Bolton had a successful acting career, appearing in various films and television shows throughout the years. Her performances in Moonraker and Tenko are particularly noteworthy and continue to be remembered by fans of those productions.