Brazilian Bond Girl, Manuela

Manuela is an intelligence operative, affiliated with the British Secret Service, and stationed at the exotic and vibrant Station VH in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Played by Dutch actress, Emily Bolton, a minor character in the 1979 James Bond film, Moonraker, Manuela’s presence adds a layer of intrigue and freshness to the plot, and helps Bond in his investigation in more ways than one.


Manuela first comes into the scene as she tails James Bond in her pristine white, MP Lafer convertible, navigating the bustling streets of Rio de Janeiro. Bond, who’s being chauffeured in a Rolls-Royce from the airport to his hotel, spots her and she speeds up to pass him.


Upon reaching his hotel suite, Bond finds Manuela already there, crafting his signature martini – shaken, not stirred. Following a brief exchange, she informs him that the letters “C & W” he discovered in Venice pertain to a prominent distribution firm in Rio, a subsidiary of Drax Industries.

Manuela then assumes a suggestive position on the couch, her dress revealing her legs. Bond walks over, unties her dress, and the two make love.

Manuela, Bond girl from Moonraker

Later that evening, they visit the C & W establishment in a backstreet of Rio, while the Carnival is going on. They’re shadowed by Jaws, the giant henchman employed by Hugo Drax.

While Bond investigates the warehouse, Manuela stands guard outside. Seizing an opportunity when Manuela is alone, Jaws, disguised as a clown, tries to kill her by sinking his metal teeth into her neck. Bond intervenes just in time, pushing the enormous assailant away. Jaws is then swept up by a group of samba dancers passing by in the street.

Emily Bolton

Emily Bolton is a Dutch actress who spent her formative years in both England and the Netherlands. She initially aspired to become a concert pianist, but her passion for acting took precedence, leading her to embark on an acting career from the age of eighteen.

Bolton’s most iconic role was as Bond girl Manuela in the 1979 James Bond film Moonraker. She also graced various television shows with her presence, such as Space: 1999, Tenko, and Capital City, Survivors, Gangsters, and Crossroads.

Alongside her TV work, Bolton starred in several movies. She portrayed Miss Thailand in Percy’s Progress, Bianca de Saulles in Valentino, and Susan in Empire State.