Sue Vanner

Sue Vanner Biography

Sue Vanner played Log Cabin Girl Martine Blanchaud in The Spy Who Loved Me

Sue Vanner, born on July 10, 1953, is a multi-talented English actress, singer, and model. She grew up in Romford, Essex, and attended Romford Technological High School before moving to the Royal College of Art in London to study graphic design.

In the late 1960s, Vanner began her career as a singer and released three singles under the name Sue Lynne in 1969. These singles, Don’t Pity Me, Reach For The Moon, and Baby, Baby, Baby, gained critical acclaim and made her a Northern Soul icon. Her talent caught the attention of the entertainment industry, and Vanner soon ventured into acting.

Sue Vanner’s acting career began in the sex comedy film Adventures of a Taxi Driver, and she quickly gained prominence in the industry. However, her big break came when she was cast as Martine Blanchaud, the Log Cabin girl in the pre-title sequence of the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. Though her appearance was brief, she left a lasting impression and became known worldwide as a sex symbol after appearing naked under a fur rug.


Following her success in The Spy Who Loved Me, Vanner went on to star in various films and TV series, including Count Dracula, Minder, Crown Court, and A Man Called Intrepid. She also had roles in the high-profile movies Nighthawks and Return to Waterloo.

In the late 1980s, Vanner decided to take a break from her acting career to start a family. She married Warren Todd, the stepson of her friend Lisa Vanderpump, in 1987, and they had a son together. However, in 2019, it was revealed that Vanner and Todd had separated after he cheated on her with a younger woman.

Sue Vanner’s passion for music remained throughout her acting career, and she decided to reignite her singing career in 2015 with a re-release of her 1969 hit single Don’t Pity Me with Joanie Sommers. Her talent was once again recognized, and Grammy award-winning music producer Kipper Eldridge approached her to record her first album. The first single from her album, Walk On the Wild Side, was released on October 22, 2019, under the name Susie Vanner. Her first album, entitled In These Shoes, containing 15 songs, was released on May 1, 2020, and showcased her versatile voice and range.