Log Cabin Girl

Log Cabin Girl

The Log Cabin Girl is a KGB honeytrap as part of a Soviet Union plan to kill James Bond. This unnamed, minor character makes her appearance in the 1977 James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, with actress Sue Vanner taking on the role.

The character was later revised in Christopher Wood’s novel adaptation, where she was given the name Martine Blanchaud.

This mysterious woman is seen engaged in a passionate encounter with James Bond in a chalet nestled atop the French Alps. As they lounge together on a furry rug, Bond gets a message on his Seiko 0674 wristwatch, instructing him to return to MI6.


Disregarding the Log Cabin Girl’s objections, Bond casually replies, “apologies, love, duty calls.” As he’s getting dressed, a few KGB men on skis near the chalet. Once Bond departs, she takes a radio transmitter from her purse, and informs the group’s leader, KGB agent Sergei Barsov, that Bond has left.

Barsov and the others then give chase through the snowy Alps, but Bond sees them off, killing Barsov, who turns out to be Agent Anya Amasova‘s partner. The Log Cabin Girl’s fate remains unknown as she’s never seen again.

Log Cabin Girl

In the novel – Martine Blanchaud

In the novel adaptation of the movie, Bond initially meets Martine Blanchaud at a casino in Chamonix. Described as a conspicuous, sharp-eyed redhead, she readily agrees to Bond’s invitation for a drink and becomes friendly with him.

Blanchaud reveals she lives in Lyon and visits Chamonix each summer to ski. Previously unhappily married, she claims to have friends in Chamonix, though Bond has never seen them. She suggests Bond try heliskiing at Aiguille du Mort and spend the night in mountain huts.

After an unfortunate loss at the casino, Bond agrees to her plan, leaving his weapon behind. On the Gyrafrance helicopter, Bond becomes suspicious of Blanchaud and their destination. Arriving, he cautiously explores the area and cabin.

Bond’s suspicions are confirmed when he spots SMERSH assassins’ tracks and a hidden corpse meant to frame him. Blanchaud’s genuine horror saves her life, as Bond decides to flee on skis. Later, Bond learns SMERSH executed her for failing to capture him, and the cabin and bodies were burned to hide the operation.

Sue Vanner

Born on July 10, 1953, Sue Vanner is an actress, singer, and model. Raised in Romford, Essex, her career began in the late 1960s as a singer, releasing three singles as Sue Lynne in 1969—Don’t Pity Me, Reach For The Moon, and Baby, Baby, Baby—which received praise and established her as a Northern Soul icon. Her talent drew the entertainment industry’s attention, leading her to acting.

Vanner’s acting debut was in the sex comedy Adventures of a Taxi Driver, and her fame grew quickly. Her major role as femme fatale, Martine Blanchaud, the Log Cabin Girl in The Spy Who Loved Me. Following her success, Vanner appeared in films and TV series such as Count Dracula, Minder, Crown Court, A Man Called Intrepid, Nighthawks, and Return to Waterloo.

Vanner’s love for music persisted, and she reignited her singing career in 2015, re-releasing her 1969 hit single Don’t Pity Me with Joanie Sommers. Grammy award-winning producer Kipper Eldridge noticed her talent and collaborated on her first album. Her first single, Walk On the Wild Side, was released on October 22, 2019, as Susie Vanner. Her debut album, In These Shoes, featuring 15 songs.