Female James Bond: A Hypothetical Look at What If?

Just Imagine: A Female James Bond

James Bond. The name instantly conjures up images of suave sophistication, thrilling action sequences, and an unmistakable British charm. But what if, and this is a very hypothetical ‘if’, they decided to go for a female James Bond?

Ever since Ian Fleming introduced us to the indomitable secret agent in his 1953 novel Casino Royale, Bond has become icon. The franchise, spanning nearly seven decades, has showcased multiple leading men from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, each bringing their unique take to the iconic 007.

But what if, in an alternate universe, they opted for a female James Bond? How would that look? How might that shift the dynamics of the franchise that has so long been male-driven?


It’s important to state upfront that, according to the franchise’s producers, this won’t happen. Barbara Broccoli has said that while there will be more female characters and they’ll be more well-rounded, James Bond will remain a man.

Nevertheless, speculation is an amusing game, especially when it comes to the future of James Bond. Hypothetical discussions can spark imagination, foster discourse, and give us a fresh lens through which to view the character and the series. In this context, it’s fun to envisage who could step into the sleek shoes of 007, were the character to be a woman.

Imagine: A Female James Bond

Let’s get going with our 10 options for a female James Bond. We’ll start with a few former female characters from the James Bond word and then a few other options…

Option 1: Lashana Lynch

When it comes to considering potential actresses for a hypothetical female James Bond, it’s impossible not to acknowledge Lashana Lynch. Already introduced to the Bond universe in No Time to Die as Nomi, the secret agent who initially took on the 007 mantle following Bond’s retirement, Lynch’s performance left a lasting impression on Bond fans. Admittedly some positive and some negative.

Nomi, Female 007 in No Time To Die

Adeptly navigating the world of high-speed chases and deadly adversaries, Lynch’s Nomi proved that she was every bit Bond’s equal. However, she also brought a fresh and vibrant energy to the role. Her portrayal was defined by a strength and resilience uniquely her own, giving the character a distinctly modern spin. This blend of familiar Bond characteristics with her own unique approach could potentially translate into a compelling portrayal of a female 007.

One crucial element of Lynch’s performance in No Time to Die was her ability to exude both power and vulnerability, a duality at the heart of James Bond’s character. She could bring a depth to the role that would add new dimensions to the classic super-spy archetype. Her work in films like Captain Marvel also showcased her physical prowess and ability to handle action-packed sequences, a vital trait for any actor stepping into the role of Bond.

In essence, with Lynch as Bond, we would see an agent who’s as compelling as she’s capable, one who can balance the gritty reality of the spy world with the grace and charisma that the franchise is known for. As such, it’s not too difficult to imagine her captivating audiences worldwide in the iconic tuxedo, martini in hand.

Option 2: Eva Green

If anyone could provide an intriguing alternative as a female James Bond, it’s Eva Green, who was Vesper Lynd in the 2005 film Casino Royale. Her performance showcased a blend of suspense, sophistication, and emotional depth, which could translate beautifully into a female James Bond.

Vesper Lynd played by Eva Green

Beyond Bond, Green’s performances are known for their intensity and unpredictability, two essential traits for any 007 agent. Her role as Vanessa Ives in the series Penny Dreadful is a testament to her ability to tackle complex characters. Here, she balanced fragility and fierceness with such poise that it earned her a Golden Globe nomination. In 300: Rise of an Empire, she showed her ability to handle high-octane action scenes, demonstrating that she could certainly hold her own in Bond’s more physically demanding moments.

In addition to her acting prowess, Green’s multilingual skills, including French and English, could add a unique twist to Bond’s international exploits. She also has a natural elegance and sharp wit that could lend a new, seductive charisma to the character. Just as her character Vesper Lynd once took Bond’s breath away, Eva Green as Bond could undoubtedly do the same to audiences worldwide.

In essence, like Bond, Eva Green is adept at handling complexity with grace. She’s more than capable of embodying a character who is as charming in a casino as she is ruthless in a fight. With her mesmerizing on-screen presence and ability to infuse each role with depth, she could redefine the iconic character in her own right. It’s safe to say that Green as Bond would be a thrilling spectacle to behold.

Option 3: Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris, known to Bond fans as the astute and quick-witted Eve Moneypenny, is another compelling candidate for a hypothetical female James Bond. Harris has been a steady and dynamic presence in the franchise since Skyfall (2012) and her transition to the role of 007 could bring a vibrant new dynamic to the series.

From her debut, Harris’s Moneypenny was a far cry from the primarily desk-bound secretary of previous iterations. In Skyfall, we first meet her in the field alongside Bond, exhibiting her impressive tactical skills. Throughout her appearances in the series, Moneypenny has proven time and time again that she’s not just a character for Bond to flirt with, but a force to be reckoned with in her own right.

Naomie Harris is the latest Miss Moneypenny actress

It’s not only the Bond franchise where Naomie Harris her acting abilities. She’s demonstrated her wide-ranging acting abilities in films such as Moonlight, for which she received an Oscar nomination. Her ability to navigate the emotional nuances of such roles indicates that she could bring a deeper, more intricate Bond to the table.

On the action front, Harris has proven she can hold her own. Her early scenes in Skyfall showcased her in high-stakes action sequences, indicating she could handle the physical demands of playing Bond. That said, she did almost kill Bond. But that’s over 10 years ago, and she would have had more shooting prcatice by now.

In essence, Naomie Harris could deliver a Bond who is not just physically capable, but also emotionally complex and profoundly intelligent. She has the charisma, grit, and versatility to reimagine Bond as a woman, offering audiences a fresh take on the iconic character that retains its core while pushing new boundaries.

Option 4: Léa Seydoux

When discussing potential candidates for a hypothetical female James Bond, French actress Léa Seydoux surely fits the bill. Having already made her mark in the Bond universe as Dr. Madeleine Swann in Spectre and No Time to Die, Seydoux has demonstrated a unique blend of intelligence, resilience, and sophistication that could smoothly transition into an intriguing portrayal of 007.

Dr. Madeleine Swann

Seydoux’s portrayal of Dr. Swann was a departure from many traditional Bond girl roles. Her character, a psychiatrist with a complex past, was a character with depth and agency, qualities that Seydoux portrayed with remarkable poise. In No Time to Die, she was more than just a love interest. She was very much Bond’s equal, possessing a steely determination and sharp intellect that frequently aided Bond in his missions.

Her acting range, showcased in films like Blue Is the Warmest Color, for which she won the Palme d’Or at Cannes, speaks to her potential to capture the nuances of the Bond character in more ways than one.

Additionally, Seydoux has proven she can handle the physical requirements of action films, as seen in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. And given that she’s from French aristocracy and fluent in English, French, and German, she could bring an international style and flair to the role, fitting for a character known for globe-trotting adventures.

In essence, Seydoux could offer a Bond that balances a razor-sharp intellect with emotional complexity and physical prowess. She has the elegance, sophistication, and strength that are integral to the Bond character, along with a hint of the unexpected. It’s easy to imagine her commanding the screen as 007, captivating audiences with a fresh and engaging interpretation of the iconic spy.

Option 5: Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas, a rising star in Hollywood, has been quickly making a name for herself with her electrifying performances. And of course, her recent outing in Bond 25, No Time to Die, left audiences wanting more of her magnetic screen presence. Given her strong performances and an undeniably captivating on-screen charisma, de Armas could be an intriguing contender for a hypothetical female James Bond.

_Ana de Armas as Paloma (1)

In No Time to Die, de Armas played Paloma, a CIA agent and everybody’s favorite character. Even though her screen time was limited, she made every moment count, showcasing her ability to handle intense action sequences with grace and charm. The scene is pure high-octane and definitely one of the film’s highlights, and it proves that de Armas can hold her own in action-packed situations.

On the physical front, de Armas’s agility and athleticism, evident in her performance in No Time to Die, suggest that she could handle the physically demanding aspects of the Bond role with aplomb. And of course, her natural charm and quick wit make her a fitting candidate for the smooth-talking, quick-thinking 007.

In essence, Ana de Armas could provide an exciting, fresh take on James Bond. She possesses the physical capabilities, and captivating charm that could redefine the character in a fascinating way. It’s not hard to envision her donning a tuxedo and sipping a martini while outwitting adversaries, all making her a compelling candidate for a hypothetical female Bond.

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Option 6: Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke, best known for her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, is a testament to charisma and versatility on screen. Her performances have consistently demonstrated a depth and range that could translate into a captivating portrayal of a female James Bond.

emilia clarke would make an excellent female james bond

Throughout her time on Game of Thrones, Clarke showcased a character evolution that few actresses have had the chance to perform. She took Daenerys from an exiled princess to a powerful queen, all the while balancing a spectrum of emotions and motivations. This dramatic range means she’d likely offer an engaging and multi-layered interpretation of 007.

Clarke’s natural charm and sharp wit, seen in other projects like Solo: A Star Wars Story, would align well with Bond’s smooth-talking, quick-thinking demeanor for sure. And of course, her ability to command a scene would serve well for the power dynamics that often play out in Bond’s world.

Although Clarke isn’t known for action roles, her performances in Game of Thrones proved she can handle physically demanding scenes and is a born leader. This, coupled with her knack for portraying strong, independent characters, suggests that she could navigate the high-octane world of James Bond with grace and tenacity.

In essence, Emilia Clarke could offer a fresh and exciting take on James Bond. It’s easy to envision her bringing a fresh, engaging energy to the role, offering a completely fresh take on the world’s most famous spy.

Option 7: Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt has proven time and time again that she is an actress capable of mastering any role, from a sly fashion assistant in The Devil Wears Prada to an action heroine in Edge of Tomorrow and Sicario. It is this blend of strength, vulnerability, and versatile acting chops that makes her a compelling candidate for a 21st century female James Bond.

If James Bond was a woman, Emily Blunt would make a great version

Blunt’s performances in Edge of Tomorrow and Sicario demonstrated that she can convincingly portray characters with physical strength, tactical intelligence, and emotional depth. She navigated the intense action sequences and morally complex narratives of these films with ease, showcasing her ability to handle the dual demands of action and drama that the Bond role requires.

Her role as Rita Vrataski in Edge of Tomorrow was particularly impressive. Playing a seasoned soldier training a less-experienced comrade in a time-looping war against alien invaders, she exuded a hardened strength and steely resolve reminiscent of Bond himself. This, coupled with her emotionally complex performance in Sicario where she took on the murky world of drug cartels, could translate into a multi-dimensional and captivating Bond portrayal.

Blunt’s natural charisma and wit would also align well with the charm and eloquence associated with the James Bond character. And, her proven ability to handle high-stakes action sequences suggests she could manage the physical demands of the role with ease.

In essence, Emily Blunt could bring an exciting balance of strength, vulnerability, and charm to the role of James Bond. She has the acting prowess, physical capability, and captivating screen presence needed to and imagining her commanding the screen as 007, martini in hand, is something to ponder.

Option 8: Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has time and again proven her worth as an actress who excels in action-oriented roles. From the post-apocalyptic warrior in Mad Max: Fury Road to the deadly MI6 agent in Atomic Blonde, Theron has shown she has the physical prowess, acting chops, and sheer charisma to take on the role of a female James Bond.

Charlize Theron would make an excellent female James Bond

Theron’s turn as Lorraine Broughton in Atomic Blonde was especially indicative of her suitability for a woman to play James Bond. Broughton, an MI6 spy in Berlin during the Cold War, is as elegant as she is lethal, not unlike the legendary 007 himself. Her fight scenes were a mesmerizing blend of grace and violence, demonstrating Theron’s ability to handle allcomers.

Charlize Theron is well known for doing her own stunts, adding to the authenticity and intensity of her performances. Her dedication to the physicality of her roles, including a stunt in Atomic Blonde that led to a dental injury, is evidence of her commitment to making her roles as realistic as can be.

Beyond the action scenes, Theron’s performances have consistently demonstrated depth and nuance. Her role in Monster won her an Academy Award and showcased her ability to take on complex characters, an attribute that could add new layers to the character of Bond, especially for today’s modern audiences.

And of course, Theron’s natural charisma and sophistication make her a fitting candidate for the suave and smooth-talking 007. Her witty one-liners in Atomic Blonde showed her quick-thinking and charm, characteristics that align well with the Bond character.

In essence, Charlize Theron could deliver a phenomenal female James Bond. One that blends physical prowess with emotional complexity and irresistible charm. She has the acting range, the physical capability, and the charisma to reimagine Bond in a fascinating way.

Option 9: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, renowned for her versatility and commanding screen presence, would be a great proposition for a female James Bond. Known for her roles in action-packed blockbusters like Tomb Raider and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Jolie has demonstrated time and time again her ability to take on physically demanding roles.

Angelina Jolie would be the ideal actress for a female James Bond

Jolie’s performance as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider showcased her physical prowess and quick wit, attributes synonymous with the character of Bond. As Lara Croft, she navigated deadly traps, solved intricate puzzles, and handled intense combat situations with grace and skill, much like Bond has to deal with on many occasions.

Her role in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, where she played a covert assassin, further demonstrated her aptitude for action-heavy roles. The charisma and chemistry she displayed in the film, particularly in her interactions with co-star Brad Pitt, suggest she could effectively bring to life the charm and magnetism expected of a Bond character. Bond girls, or should that be Bond boys beware!

Beyond her action roles, Angelina Jolie’s performances in films like Girl, Interrupted and A Mighty Heart have showcased her depth and versatility as an actress. This ability to delve into the complexities of a character could enrich a potential portrayal of a female 007, bringing new layers of emotional complexity to the role.

While age could potentially factor against Jolie taking on the role of Bond, her dedication to fitness and her undeniable screen presence could easily challenge this notion. Her enduring appeal and her ability to command the screen suggest she could still be a viable contender.

In essence, Angelina Jolie could provide a Bond that blends action-ready physicality with an abundance of charismatic charm. Her proven acting prowess and enduring screen presence make it easy to imagine her stepping into the shoes of 007, ready to take on the world with style and tenacity.

Option 10: Priyanka Chopra

Turning the casting net worldwide, it is impossible to ignore the charismatic and talented Priyanka Chopra. With a successful career spanning Bollywood and Hollywood, Priyanka Chopra brings an international appeal and a wealth of acting experience that could lend a fresh perspective to the Bond franchise.

For a purely international twist, Priyanka Chopra would make the perfect female James Bond

Priyanka Chopra’s diverse range of roles, from a model in Fashion to an FBI agent in the TV series Quantico, have demonstrated her versatility as an actress. Her command over a wide spectrum of characters and emotions could potentially bring a unique depth to the role of Bond.

In Quantico, Chopra Jonas portrayed Alex Parrish, a character that required a blend of intelligence, physical prowess, and emotional complexity. Her performance in this role suggests she could handle the demands of playing a female James Bond. And, her experience as an international star could lend an authentic touch to Bond’s globe-trotting exploits.

And of course, casting an Indian woman as James Bond would effectively be turning the former British Empire on its head. It would offer a refreshing and exciting twist to the traditionally British-centric narrative of the Bond series.

In essence, Priyanka Chopra Jonas could offer a Bond portrayal that blends international charm with a versatile acting prowess. She has the looks and charm and with diverse roles across Bollywood and Hollywood, she would certainly be an exciting candidate for a female Bond.

A Female James Bond… Just Imagine!

In the world of cinema, nothing is constant, and changes are inevitable. The idea of a female James Bond might still feel like a distant possibility to some, but the notion undoubtedly opens up a wealth of exciting opportunities.

From franchise regulars like Lashana Lynch, Naomie Harris, Léa Seydoux, and Ana de Armas, to action heroines such as Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt, there are myriad exciting directions a female Bond could take.

Throw in the international appeal of stars like Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the undeniable screen presence of Angelina Jolie, and the charismatic versatility of Emilia Clarke, and the list becomes truly captivating.

While at this stage, these are purely hypothetical choices, it’s interesting to explore the potential these actresses hold in redefining the character of Bond. And if truth be told, James Bond should never be a woman, but all of the above, could certainly play the perfect female counterpart, and we’re sure they’d at least make one of the Best Bond girls.