Roger Moore’s Son: A Female James Bond Is a No-Go

Roger Moore’s Son Jaffa: A Female James Bond Is a No-Go

With rumors continually circling about who will be the next to don the famous tuxedo, Roger Moore‘s son Jaffa sure has some pointed thoughts to share, especially on the idea of a female James Bond. Now Jaffa, he’s not just a dude with a cool name, he’s a musician and he’s been dropping beats as well as his two cents on the future of James Bond.

So here’s the deal, Jaffa says a woman playing Bond, Britain’s suavest spy, would be like serving a martini stirred, not shaken – it just ain’t right. He suggests, “Why not make her 006, or 008, or hell, even 009? But 007? That’s James Bond, folks.”

Now, Jaffa ain’t just spouting off, he’s tight with Barbara Broccoli, the grand dame of the Bond franchise herself. He mentioned No Time To Die, where the number 007 briefly got handed off to Lashana Lynch’s character, Nomi.


Jaffa muses, “In the last Bond I think this was the confusion. That she was 007 and then said, ‘I’ve got to give it back to Bond. It’s his number.”

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How About A Female Bond Offshoot?

But don’t get it twisted, Jaffa’s no dinosaur, and he’s certainly up for the idea of a feamle Bond type, but just not James Bond.

He goes on, “Maybe there will be a ‘From the filmmakers of James Bond comes Jane or Jemima Bond’ or whatever. It wouldn’t be the same because it’s Bond. It’s Fleming’s Bond. It’s a guy, unfortunately.”

He’s all for female-led spy thrillers. Pointing to Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde, he says, “If you look at Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde… I mean, women can certainly pull it off and certainly do the fight sequences.”

Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde

“And even if not, as a species ladies are probably smarter! But in terms of the role itself, Fleming’s Bond is James Bond.”

On whether the fairer sex should get their own franchise, Jaffa’s resounding answer is, “It’s right and they should. But if you want to do a female Bond you can’t just call her ‘James Bond’. Personally, I don’t think that [would work].”

What if a previous Bond Girl Became Bond…?

Now that we know Jaffa isn’t up for a female Bond, let’s jump down this rabbit hole of what ifs… Imagine if some of our favorite Bond girls and femme fatales took up the mantle of 007. A bit wild, but what the hell, let’s have a go.

First up, Honey Ryder, the OG Bond girl. This shell-collecting beauty from Dr. No would bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “beauty is deadly”. “Ryder, Honey Ryder,” she’d introduce herself, all while wearing her iconic white bikini.

Who says you can’t save the world and look fabulous doing it? And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to see a Bond who knows her way around a knife and can sing a haunting tune while emerging from the sea?

Then there’s Pussy Galore. Oh boy, what a romp that would be. The sultry pilot from Goldfinger, she’s already got the whole “working with villains” thing down pat. Picture this: “The name’s Galore. Pussy Galore.” She’d take the spy game to the skies and no enemy aircraft would be safe.

With Pussy Galore at the helm, we’d be guaranteed some high-flying action scenes and some epic one-liners to boot. And a gold painted corpse or two, just for old times’ sake.

And finally what about arguably the best Female Bond villain, Xenia Onatopp, that femme fatale from GoldenEye. Known for her deadly thighs and a bit of a sadistic streak, she’d bring a whole new level of intimidation to the Bond name.

Picture it: “The name’s Onatopp. Xenia Onatopp.” Sure, the charm offensive might need some work, but her intimidation factor? That’s off the charts. She’d probably reduce Bond’s usual foes to quivering wrecks before they even got a shot off. Fancy gadgets? Who needs ’em when you’ve got killer thighs.

But of course, that’s all just for fun and we don’t want a female James Bond as much as Jaffa Moore doesn’t.