From Russia with Love Cast

From Russia with Love Cast

Sean Connery in From Russia with Love

Sean Connery as James Bond

Tatiana Romanova From Russia with Love

Daniela Bianchi as Tatiana Romanova

Rosa Klebb From Russia with Love

Lotte Lenya as Rosa Klebb

Donald 'Red' Grant in From Russia with Love

Robert Shaw as Donald ‘Red’ Grant

Pedro Armendáriz was a legendary Mexican actor who left an indelible mark on the world of film. Born in Mexico City

Pedro Armendáriz as Ali Kerim Bey

Vladek Sheybal

Vladek Sheybal as Kronsteen

Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny

Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny

Eunice Gayson as Sylvia Trench From Russia with Love

Eunice Gayson as Sylvia Trench

Desmond Llewelyn as Q

Desmond Llewelyn as Major Boothroyd

Francis de Wolff

Francis de Wolff as Vavra

Walter Gotell as Morzeny in From Russia with love. He went on to star in a few other Bond films as General Gogol

Walter Gottel as Morzeny

Aliza Gur

Aliza Gur as Vida

Martine Beswick

Martine Beswick as Zora

From Russia with Love Blofeld and his white cat

Anthony Dawson as Ernst Stavro Blofeld

From Russia with Love, the second film in the James Bond franchise, was released in 1963 and is widely considered one of the best Bond films of all time.

The film stars Sean Connery as James Bond, the suave and sophisticated British spy who is tasked with retrieving the Lektor, a valuable encryption device, from the Soviet Union.

Other than Connery, the From Russia with Love cast includes some of the most iconic Bond actors and characters, including Daniela Bianchi as leading Bond girl Tatiana Romanova, Lotte Lenya as Rosa Klebb, Robert Shaw as Donald ‘Red’ Grant, and Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny.

Sean Connery, as James Bond, is the epitome of the suave and sophisticated spy. This film was only his second, long before he got bored with playing the role, and so a younger and more keen to impress Connery always delivered.

He is confident, charming, and always in control, making him the perfect candidate for the role of Bond. Connery’s performance in From Russia with Love was widely praised, and from his quick one-liners to his realistic (for 1960s) fight scenes, this film brings out the best in the Scottish actor.

Daniela Bianchi, as Tatiana Romanova, is a Soviet clerk who is tasked with luring Bond into a trap, but she soon falls for him and imagining a new life in England. The beautiful Italian actress is regularly thought of as one of the best Bond girls, and it’s not just because of her beauty.

Compared with today’s world, the early sixties was very sexist, and female actresses generally played more homely parts in movies. Bond films bucked the trend and Bianchi, although she relied on Bond (who wouldn’t?) does offer plenty during the film, none more so than the killing of henchwoman Rosa Klebb.

Lotte Lenya – a singer, composer and actress, enthralled audiences with her portrayal of former Soviet general and SPECTRE henchwoman Rosa Klebb. A daunting woman tasked to oversee to killing of James Bond, she ruthlessly chooses henchmen to get the job done. And when they all fail, she tries herself with her infamous venom-coated dagger shoe.

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Rosa Klebb drove fear through Bond, Tatiana Romanova, and every young person watching the film, and this was down to the skill of the muti-talented Lotte Lenya. Blofeld may be her senior in the SPECTRE pecking order, but in From Russia with Love, she is the main Bond villain and she remains one of the most memorable of all time.

Robert Shaw, as Donald ‘Red’ Grant in the From Russia with Love cast, is a KGB agent tasked with killing Bond. He’s hired by Rosa Klebb, who sizes him up and punches him in the stomach with a knuckle duster to test his metal.

Of course, Grant is up for the job, and he is a constant threat to Bond and Tatiana as they head to Italy on the Orient Express. Grant ultimately fails with his job, but then again, who doesn’t when they’re up against 007?

Pedro Armendáriz, as Ali Kerim Bey, is a Turkish intelligence agent who is tasked with helping Bond. Bey is a charming and resourceful character who proves to be a valuable ally to Bond, and Armendáriz’s performance added to the quality of the cast.

Bernard Lee, as M, is the head of the British Secret Service and Bond’s boss. M is a stern and no-nonsense character who is always ready to do what it takes to protect Britain’s interests. Lee’s performance as M was always spot on, and his no-nonsense attitude always provides humour to Bond films.

Vladek Sheybal, as Kronsteen, is a chess grandmaster hired to oversee the whole plot for SPECTRE. Kronsteen is a cunning and intelligent character, and when his plan ultimately fails, the quality of Sheybal’s acting shines as he and Klebb blame each other. The scene is excellently crafted and adds to the tension.

Lois Maxwell was back as the charming and flirty Miss Moneypenny. She’s M’s secretary, but her quick witted response to Bond “overlooking an old case” proved she knew exactly what Bond was like.

Lois Maxwell always delivered and hers and Bond’s teasing relationship has intrigued Bond fans for decades, with Maxwell being key to the foundations of the relationship.

Eunice Gayson, as Sylvia Trench, is Bond’s first love interest in the film. Euncie Gayson as Sylvia Trench is one of only two Bond girls to appear as the same love interest for Bond in more than one film.

Like her part in the Dr. No cast, Trench only played a small part, but her cheeky and quick wit ensures she’s fondly remembered as one of the best Bond girls in the franchise’s library.

Aliza Gur and Martine Beswick, are cast as Vida and Zora in From Russia with Love. The two gypsy girls only play a small no talking part, who fight against each other with the winner earning the right to marry the chief’s son.

Bond requests to the chief that they stop fighting. The chief, thankful for Bond saving his life hands them both to Bond with the request that he can choose the winner. The scene closes with Bond saying, ‘it could take some time.’

Anthony Dawson is back for his second Bond film, but this time as an uncredited part of Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld. We never get to see Dawson’s (Blofeld’s) face, but the menacing role he plays with only clips of him stroking his cat and organizing the plan adds to the mystery that launched Bond’s longest running foe.

The cast of From Russia with Love is a testament to the high-quality acting talent that has been a hallmark of the James Bond franchise.

From Russia with love is regularly voted as one of the best Bond films. The film produced some legendary characters that are favourites among Bond fans, and much of that is down to the skill and profession of the actors.

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The rest of the From Russia with Love cast and crew

Nadja Regin as Kerim’s girl

George Pastell as a train conductor

Fred Haggerty played Krilencu

Neville Jason as Kerim Bey’s chauffeur

Peter Bayliss as Russian agent Commissar Benz

Nusret Ataer as Mehmet

Peter Madden as chessmaster McAdams

William Hill as Captain Nash

Directed by Terence Young

Produced by Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli

Screenplay by Richard Maibaum

Adaptation by Johanna Harwood

Based on From Russia, with Love by Ian Fleming

Cinematography Ted Moore

Edited by Peter R. Hunt

Music by John Barry

Theme Song sung by Matt Monroe

Production company: Eon Productions

Distributed by United Artists

Release dates: 10 October 1963 (London, premiere), 11 October 1963 (UK), 27 May 1964 (USA)

Budget $2 million

Box office $79 million