Charles Robinson

Charles Robinson: A Vital Ally for Bond

Charles Robinson serves as an assistant to MI6 and as the Deputy Chief of Staff, and was ushered in for the Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) as a replacement for Bill Tanner. Played by British actor Colin Salmon, the character returned for The World Is Not Enough (1999), and Die Another Day (2002).

Charles Robinson

Charles Robinson acts in a role quite similar to that of Bill Tanner, providing James Bond with the most recent updates and briefing him on the mission specifics. He was a replacement for Tanner after actor Michael Kitchen was unavailable. However, after a successful showing, both Charles Robinson and Bill tanner appeared in the next film.

Tomorrow Never Dies

In Tomorrow Never Dies, Charles Robinson finds himself in the middle of the action, facilitating communication between James Bond, the command centers overseen by M and Admiral Roebuck, and the support ship HMS Chester.


This occurs during a joint operation between Russia and the UK to infiltrate a terrorist arms bazaar on the Russian border. Bond’s assignment is merely to scout the area before the Chester fires a cruise missile, as planned by Admiral Roebuck, intended to eliminate a significant number of international terrorists.

However, things escalate when Bond discovers two SB5 nuclear torpedoes on an aircraft up for sale at the bazaar. Reacting to this, a startled Roebuck immediately calls the Chester to abort the missile launch, but it’s too late.

Hearing the news from Robinson, Bond leaps into action, commandeering the jet and successfully removing the torpedoes just before the missile strikes.

Initial reports in the command center, due to their surveillance cameras being destroyed in the blast, wrongly suggest that Bond has failed. However, Bond surprises them by contacting the center asking where they would like the torpedoes delivered.

After Bond returns to England, with Charles Robinson alongside him, Miss Moneypenny, and M, briefs 007 on his next mission, which involves investigating media tycoon Elliot Carver and his possible connection to the sinking of the HMS Devonshire.

As a result of the ensuing crisis, manufactured by Carver using a Stealth Ship, the UK and China are on the brink of war. When Carver’s scheme is unveiled, Robinson and M witness the British and Chinese navies approaching each other in the South China Sea.

Charles Robinson with Bond and Jinx

The World Is Not Enough

In The World Is Not Enough, Charles Robinson appears sporadically, most notably towards the end, when he, R (the newly appointed Q), and M observe James Bond’s intimate encounter with Doctor Christmas Jones through satellite footage.

Die Another Day

In Die Another Day, Charles Robinson shows up initially during a highly realistic training exercise that Bond is undergoing. He returns later in the film, collaborating with the NSA and M to counter threats posed by the primary antagonists.

Bond and Jinx meet with Robinson, who informs them that North Korean extremists have instigated a coup and are preparing to invade South Korea under the command of Gustav Graves.

Colin Salmon

Born in London on December 6, 1962, Colin Salmon is a versatile actor and musician known for his creative flair. In his teenage years, Salmon formed a punk rock band named Friction and played drums, even releasing an EP.

He explored various musical avenues, including singing and playing the trumpet with multiple bands, and continues to perform jazz with his quartet at esteemed venues.

Salmon began his acting career in the early 1990s with the British TV series Prime Suspect 2. He featured in other UK shows like Lovejoy and Soldier Soldier, making his film debut with Captives in 1994. He later gained global acclaim with his role as Charles Robinson in the James Bond movies.

More of his filmography encompasses roles in Resident Evil, Alien vs. Predator, Bad Girls, Doctor Who, and Dinotopia.