Dolly – The Girl Who Tamed Jaws

Dolly is the love interest of the metal-toothed assassin Jaws, from the 1979 film, Moonraker. This charming character, brought to life by the talented French actress Blanche Ravalec, provides an intriguing contrast to her formidable partner, Jaws.

Dolly plays a pivotal role in the film’s narrative, and being the only person who can have such a positive impact on Jaws, she adds the most unexpected twist to the story.


In Rio de Janeiro, Jaws has just been involved in a cable car crash while coming down from a fight with James Bond. The cable car station is wrecked with Jaws underneath it all. As he’s trying to get up, a petite, blonde young woman helps him, and the two instantly fall head over heels for each other.


The couple later joins megalomaniac Hugo Drax and his “master race” astronauts on a journey to a space station in orbit. While on the station, 007 is captured and becomes privy to Drax’s sinister plan to exterminate humanity and replace it with a new master race born from his chosen elite.

Bond cleverly manipulates Drax into revealing his intention to eliminate anyone who doesn’t meet his exacting criteria for physical perfection. This revelation causes Jaws, with his imposing stature and metallic teeth, and his petite, nearsighted girlfriend to worry. Encouraged by Dolly’s gentle support, Jaws decides to change sides and assist Bond.

Jaws and Dolly drinking champagne in Moonraker

With Jaws’ help and Bond’s strategic sabotage, a group of U.S. space marine astronauts boards the station to thwart Drax’s evil scheme. The ensuing laser rifle firefight causes the space station’s structure to destabilize. Amidst all the wreckage, Jaws and Dolly reunite in the control room, sharing a final bottle of Bollinger Champagne.

Soon after, the couple assists Bond and Holly Goodhead in escaping aboard Moonraker 5 by unjamming a docking mechanism. The segment they occupied detaches from the exploding station and drifts away as the space station explodes.

Colonel Scott, the space marines’ commanding officer, later reports to mission control that he has rescued two survivors who fell to earth – a tall man and a small, blond girl with glasses.

Blanche Ravalec

Born on September 19th, 1954 in France, Blanche Ravalec was initially a flight attendant. This allowed her to hone her English language skills, which would later contribute to her successful career as a dubbing artist.

Ravalec’s acting debut came in 1978 with the French film Holiday Hotel, which led to roles in other French-language films before international fame arrived with her portrayal of Dolly, the girlfriend of Bond villain Jaws, in the 1979 James Bond film Moonraker.

Despite her accomplishments in the film industry, Ravalec discovered a newfound love for dubbing. She went on to provide her voice for numerous well-known English-language television shows and movies, such as Ugly Betty, Friends, Desperate Housewives, and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

Over the course of her career, Ravalec appeared in more than 70 French-language TV and film productions. Outside of acting and dubbing, Ravalec is a seasoned globetrotter.