Holly Goodhead

Holly Goodhead: The Intelligent and Enigmatic Bond Girl in Moonraker

Dr. Holly Goodhead, an iconic and captivating character, captured the hearts of James Bond fans worldwide with her intelligence, beauty, and undeniable charm. This American CIA intelligence operative, portrayed by the talented American actress Lois Chiles, is a key figure in the 1979 film, Moonraker.

As a main Bond girl and ally of 007, Holly Goodhead’s mission is to investigate the elusive billionaire industrialist, Hugo Drax, and his shadowy operations. With her unwavering dedication and enigmatic presence, Holly Goodhead remains a memorable and beloved character in the enduring legacy of the James Bond series.

Holly Goodhead

The CIA grows concerned about Hugo Drax when an unidentified group brazenly hijacks a Moonraker space shuttle, which is being transported on a Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, resulting in the deaths of its RAF crew and the destruction of the aircraft.


With no trace of the Moonraker left, the British, acknowledging their predicament, deploy James Bond. He begins his investigation into the theft of the Drax Industries Moonraker by visiting the Drax Industries complex. There, he encounters Hugo Drax, his henchman Chang, and Dr. Holly Goodhead, who’s working as a research scientist there. Bond survives an assassination attempt by Chang in a centrifuge chamber.

Dr. Holly Goodhead

Bond later runs into Goodhead again in Venice. He uncovers a hidden biological laboratory and inadvertently poisons the scientists working there. This incident reveals that the glass vials are designed to contain a nerve gas lethal to humans but harmless to animals.

Bond also discovers evidence pointing to Drax relocating his operation to Rio de Janeiro. Upon reuniting with Holly Goodhead, Bond surmises that she’s a CIA agent. They agree to collaborate, but the alliance is short-lived.

Bond saves one of the vials he found earlier as the sole proof of the now-empty laboratory and hands it over to M for analysis, who then grants him permission to proceed to Rio de Janeiro.

In Rio, Bond encounters Goodhead again, this time at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, where they face an attack from Jaws on a cable car. After dealing with Jaws, Bond and Goodhead find themselves captured by henchmen. Bond manages to escape and reports to an MI6 base in Brazil. He then embarks on a journey along the Amazon River in search of Drax’s research facility.

Discovering the facility, Bond is once again captured by Jaws. He’s brought before Drax, where he’s reunited with Holly Goodhead and they witness four Moonrakers launching into space. Drax reveals that he stole the Moonraker due to another shuttle in the fleet experiencing a malfunction during assembly.

Drax tells Bond and Goodhead his plan to incinerate them with the engines of Moonraker Five, one of six shuttles launching from his secret base that day. However, Drax departs before ensuring the plan’s success, and Bond uses his Explosive Wristwatch to escape with Goodhead.

They proceed to the service tunnels, ambush two henchmen, and assume the roles of pilot and co-pilot for Moonraker Six, wearing the henchmen’s space suits. Goodhead knows how to fly a Moonraker shuttle, and she navigates the shuttle to Drax’s space station.

Holly Goodhead

After arriving at the station, Drax reveals his plan to annihilate humanity by launching fifty spheres containing a nerve gas derived from orchids, lethal to humans but harmless to other species. He has transported dozens of genetically perfect young men and women to the space station to repopulate Earth in a utopia free of pollution, conflict, and income inequality.

Drax envisions the offspring of these couples looking up to him as their savior, creating a perfect society free of medical issues. However, this vision causes Jaws to realize the truth and defect to Bond and Goodhead’s side.

Bond and Goodhead break free from Drax’s henchmen, disable the radar jamming equipment, and alert the US government. A space shuttle full of US Marines is deployed to destroy Drax’s station.

During the battle, Drax is ejected into space, and the station begins to disintegrate. Holly Goodhead pilots Moonraker Five and uses the shuttle’s laser to destroy the deadly globes Drax had already launched.

Having completed their mission, Bond suggests landing at Vandenberg, White Sands, or Edwards Air Force Base, but Goodhead persuades him to “take her around the world one more time.” So, they embark on a ninety-minute orbit, celebrating their victory making love in a zero-gravity environment.

James Bond and Holly Goodhead making love in zero gravity environment

Lois Chiles

Lois Cleveland Chiles was born on April 15, 1947, in Houston, Texas, into a well-known family with connections to the oil industry and the Texas Rangers. After studying, she was discovered by a Glamour editor, which led to a successful modeling career with Wilhelmina Models and Elite Models.

Chiles had always been passionate about acting, and she landed her first role in 1972’s Together for Days. She gained recognition for her roles in The Way We Were (1973), The Great Gatsby (1974), and Death on the Nile (1978).

However, it was her role as Bond girl Dr. Holly Goodhead in Moonraker (1979) that brought her international fame. She had been offered the role of Anya Amasova in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), but turned it down as she was taking a hiatus.

Other roles include the hit TV series Dallas and various films, including Say Anything… (1989), Wish Upon a Star (1996), and Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997). She also made a cameo in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997).

Passionate about teaching, Chiles taught a film acting course at the University of Houston in 2002. She remained humble and grounded throughout her career, acknowledging both the fun and frustrations of being remembered as a Bond girl.