Henry Cavill – The Next James Bond?

Henry Cavill – The Next James Bond?

Henry Cavill has been the subject of growing rumours suggesting that he just may be the next actor to take on the iconic role of James Bond after all. After missing out to Daniel Craig in 2006, could it be his turn next?

Cavill, best known for his roles as Superman in the DC Universe movie series and Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher Netflix series, has expressed his interest in the role, and he was the early favourite after it became known that Daniel Craig was hanging up his Walther PPK.

While nothing has been confirmed by EON, Cavill’s name has been thrown into the mix of potential candidates more often than not, and it’s getting Bond fans buzzing.


Tom Hardy is still the preferred choice among fans, but in the betting Aaron Taylor-Johnson is favourite, but with slashed odds on Henry Cavill becoming the next James Bond, he’s now second favourite now ahead of Hardy and Idris Elba.

Could Henry Cavill Become The Next Bond?

An early frontrunner in the race to become the next Bond, there was good reason Henry Cavill was rumoured to be taking over after Daniel Craig’s last outing in No Time to Die.

But after recent rumours that Broccoli was leaning towards a first black actor to play Bond, or even a woman – something that has been rejected, it seemed Cavill would miss out.

There’s no doubt Henry Cavill as the new James Bond would be perfect. He’s a great actor, and he even looks like a James Bond. He’s also a proven master of espionage in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, and his undeniable detective skills playing Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes should make him a shoo-in.

Cavill Axed as Superman so He Has More Time

The British actor also has more time on his hands after being released by DC Universe for the next Superman outing. He had expected to don the cape for another movie, but producers have traded him in for a younger flyer.

Henry Cavill the next James Bond now that he's been axed from Superman

The news must have come as a surprise to Cavill, who had recently quit his role in the Netflix The Witcher series in order to make more time to play Superman again.

It was his commitments to Superman that Henry Cavill originally distanced himself from the 007 role. But now with this and The Witcher out of his schedule, he just might become the next.

Henry Cavill is now at a crossroads in his career. At 39, he’s too old for Superman, but he’s wanted by many other Hollywood production companies. 39 is also the perfect age for Bond as the producers prefer a young-ish actor who can commit for at least  a decade, or a few movies.

Could His Popularity Get in the Way?

The key stumbling block for Cavill becoming the next coolest spy in town is his popularity. Bond producers generally go for an actor that isn’t already a household name.

From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig the actors playing Bond weren’t global names until they had donned the tuxedo a few times, so with Henry Cavill already being a global superstar that could be his main obstacle for getting offered the role.

Sean Connery was the first to don the tuxedo in the James Bond role

That said, his long-time admiration of the Bond role keeps Cavill in the conversation about it. And may even give him an advantage over other potential candidates who are competing for the part.

Henry Cavill – Born to be Bond

Hnery Cavill has it all: a fantastic actor with all the charm and chiselled features everyone expects from a Bond. He was an early frontrunner, but fell behind in the betting after distancing himself.

He’s now back among the rumour mill and back in the betting running after his odds have been slashed. Nobody would kick up a fuss if it Tom Hardy, or Idris Elba, or even Aaron Taylor-Johnson get the role, but wouldn’t Henry Cavill just make the perfect James Bond?