James Bond Actors Ranked

From Suave to Serious: The Ultimate Ranking of James Bond Actors

Few endeavors are as perilous as the act of laying down the definitive ranking of James Bond actors. After all, Ian Fleming‘s iconic British spy has been embodied by several actors over the years, each bringing his own brand of suavity, toughness, and charm to the silver screen.

To some, James Bond is a cocktail-sipping gentleman with a glint in his eye, and others see him as a damaged hero navigating the shadows. No two 007s are quite the same, and that’s the charm. Yet, every aficionado, from the ones nestled in dimly lit pubs to those vociferously debating in online forums, is united by one singular quest: identifying the best James Bond actor.

Before we venture into the illustrious world of our ranked Bonds, a brief note to our readers: ranking the portrayals of such a timeless character is no straightforward task. Each actor brought to the screen a version of Bond that resonated with the times, none were perfect throughout and they all gave us memorable moments.


Always remember, much like the shaken martini, it’s all a matter of personal taste. So, sit back, and let’s embark on this journey through the annals of Bond history and run down our James Bond actors ranked.

6th Place George Lazenby:

One-Time Wonder: Lazenby’s Standout, Solo Gig as Bond

Ah, George Lazenby, the Bond that was but once. Lazenby, a relatively unknown face in the high stakes world of cinema, took on the mantle of the world’s most famous spy with a dash of audacity that would’ve made Fleming himself raise an eyebrow.

George Lazenby as Bond in On Her Majesty's Service

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service stands as a cinematic testament to what might’ve been a longer legacy. His portrayal, particularly the gut-wrenching end scene, was not just commendable but downright moving, adding layers to Bond that few expected.

However, herein lies the bittersweet tinge of Lazenby’s tenure – it was but a fleeting moment. So, with only one outing as 007, regardless of its excellence, Lazenby’s place is etched in history more as an enigmatic question rather than an exclamation.

So, while he dazzled us in his unique portrayal, amidst a swirl of controversies and what-ifs, Lazenby, by the sheer mathematics of appearances, finds himself at 6th spot in the rankings of James Bond actors.

5th Place Roger Moore:

Charm with a Twist: Moore’s Light-Hearted, Comic Approach to the Spy World

Roger Moore, the very epitome of debonair charm, stepped into Bond’s shoes with a swank and swagger that was distinctly his own. Moore’s Bond era remains an emblematic period, swathed in the lavish excesses of the 70s and 80s.

Films like Live and Let Die, with its unforgettable speedboat chases, The Spy Who Loved Me and its iconic union with Jaws, and For Your Eyes Only, a whirlwind of intrigue and adventure, serve as tributes to Moore’s indomitable spirit as 007.

Roger Moore as James Bond holding Walther PPK

Yet, Moore’s take on James Bond was a departure from the steely resilience of his predecessors. He introduced us to a Bond with a twinkle in his eye, one who could serve a quip with the same ease as a martini.

His lighter, more comedic embodiment of the character offered viewers a breezy respite, making espionage seem almost… fun. This undeniable charm and distinctive style, paired with his impressive longevity in the role, cement his legacy.

However, every rose, they say, has its thorn. Not all of Moore’s forays as Bond were universally lauded, with some films diving into the realm of camp and others proving divisive among die-hard enthusiasts.

While it would be impossible to offer 7 classics over a period of 12 years, Moore’s portrayal occasionally found itself in the crosshairs of jest and jesters. Despite the cinematic escapades and their undeniable allure, we place Sir Roger Moore with all due reverence at a distinguished fifth on our roster.

4th Place Timothy Dalton:

Bond Unmasked: Dalton’s Brooding Dive into 007’s Darker Depths

Timothy Dalton is perhaps the most enigmatic figure of all James Bond actors. When he first sauntered onto the screen in The Living Daylights, there was a palpable shift in the wind.

Gone were the flamboyant jests and the casual dalliances, in their place stood a Bond more brooding, intense, and tinged with an inner turmoil. His era, although a brief duet of films that culminated with Licence to Kill, brought forth a portrayal that was arguably closer to Fleming’s literary vision than any before.

Timothy Dalton was the fourth actor to play James Bond

Dalton’s Bond was not the martini-sipping playboy but a tortured soul with a badge and a mission. He peeled back layers of the character, revealing vulnerabilities and complexities hitherto unexplored. This gravitas was, for many, both jarring and unfamiliar.

At the time, murmurs arose from dimly lit cinema aisles, with critics and audiences alike claiming Dalton lacked the signature Bond charm, branding him as too somber, too earnest.

Yet, like a fine wine uncorked before its time, Timothy Dalton’s portrayal has seen a renaissance in appreciation. The very qualities that once rendered him ‘unloved’ have now made him a cult figure among a faction of Bond aficionados. They argue, with compelling fervor, that had he been granted more than just two cinematic outings, he could’ve truly redefined Bond for generations.

So, why is he nestled at the number 4 spot of our rankings, you ask? Dalton’s Bond was akin to a meteor—burning bright, yet fleeting. Loved ardently by those who saw past the initial shock to recognize his alignment with the literature. He was, however, not as universally embraced by the wider audience, accustomed to a more suave and cheeky 007.

His brief tenure and the polarizing reception at the time frame his legacy as the most intriguing “what ifs” in the Bond saga. Still, in retrospect, Dalton’s Bond serves as a poignant reminder that sometimes, the most nuanced portrayals require time to truly be appreciated.

3rd Place Pierce Brosnan:

Golden Revival: Brosnan’s Charismatic Blend of Classic Bond and ’90s Flair

Pierce Brosnan is the embodiment of the ’90s Bond with all the charisma of an old hand, yet with the freshness of the new decade’s dawn, albeit the mid-nineties. When audiences think of Bond’s suave resurgence post the Cold War, Brosnan’s chiseled features, paired with that rakish smile, inevitably come to mind.

He was a Bond that had it all: the looks that could melt glaciers, charm that would make the most guarded villain blabber secrets, wit sharper than a dagger, and a longevity that lent weight to his tenure.

Pierce Brosnan

This era of 007 brought us the sheer cinematic spectacle of GoldenEye, reintroducing Bond to a generation that had only heard tales of his exploits. This was closely followed by high-octane adventures in Tomorrow Never Dies and the entwined complexities of The World Is Not Enough

Through these tales, Brosnan deftly walked the tightrope of action, humor, and inherent magnetism. His Bond could dispatch foes with flair, flirt with tongue-in-cheek jests, and still have time to smooth out his suit, even if his films gradually worsened.

Yet, while Brosnan’s portrayal is often hailed as the perfect fusion of old-world charm and contemporary action, it wasn’t without its hiccups. Die Another Day, with its heady mix of futuristic tech and audacious plots, was met with raised brows from both critics and fans alike, even Roger Moore got the eyebrow back out for this film.

So, why does the dapper Irishman stand tall at number 3? Brosnan’s Bond, with his innate elegance, not only revitalized the franchise in the ’90s but also bridged the old with the new. However, the uneven reception to some of his later outings, juxtaposed against his undeniable star power, anchors him at this spot.

2nd Place Daniel Craig:

Modern Mastery: Craig’s Nuanced Transformation of 007 for the 21st Century

When the ruggedly handsome Daniel Craig first emerged from the azure waters in Casino Royale, he wasn’t just announcing a new Bond era, he was reinventing a legacy. Craig’s tenure saw the British spy refashioned for a contemporary world, one that craved complexity over caricatures.

While Timothy Dalton had once trodden the path of a darker, introspective Bond, the world perhaps wasn’t quite ready for it then. But with Craig, the time was ripe, and audiences were prepared to embrace a Bond who bore scars, both visible and deep within.

Daniel Craig was the sixth actor to have played James Bond

Craig’s 007 outings, from the pulse-pounding poker matches of Casino Royale, the soul-stirring elegy of Skyfall, to the grand denouement in No Time to Die, redefined the action espionage genre. His Bond didn’t just chase villains, he grappled with personal demons.

And speaking of action, oh, the action! Whether it was parkouring atop cranes or confronting phantoms from his past in a desolate Scottish moor, Craig’s action sequences are, without a shred of doubt, among the echelons of cinematic best.

His portrayal, infused with grit and a kind of haunted passion, peeled back layers of the spy’s psyche. This Bond bled, brooded, loved, and lost, and most of all, he impressed, a lot.

So, with such a tumultuous yet brilliant run, what cements Daniel Craig second best of all James Bond actors?

Craig’s 007 reincarnated Bond for the 21st century, merging modernity with myth, earning both critical garlands and making cash registers ring across the globe. He brought a nuanced depth to the character, making Bond more human than he had ever been.

The Best James Bond Actor: Sean Connery

The Gold Standard: Connery’s Timeless Elegance as the Original Bond

When one speaks of James Bond, an image invariably arises – that of a suave Scottish gentleman, clad in a pristine tuxedo, casually introducing himself with, “Bond, James Bond.” This image, this very archetype, is a testament to the cinematic legacy of Sean Connery.

Before the myriad interpretations and evolutions of the character, there was Connery’s Bond—a figure so iconic, he not only defined a role but set the gold standard for every portrayal that followed. The 1960s roared with Bond fever, and at the helm was Connery with films that are now etched in cinematic lore.

Bond, James Bond

There was the groundbreaking Dr. No, where audiences first met the spy with a license to kill. Who could forget the golden allure of Goldfinger, arguably the best Bond movie, or the intense espionage ballet of From Russia with Love? Each film was a masterclass in charisma, style, and sheer cinematic magnetism.

Connery’s Bond was more of an experience than a character. With every arch of his brow, every sardonic quip, and every effortless showdown with a villain, Connery wove the DNA of Bond.

His confidence, that ineffable style, and the seamless blend of ruthlessness and charm gave birth to a blueprint that every subsequent Bond, consciously or not, would refer to.

Not all that glitters is gold, though. You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever, while still bearing the trademark Connery charm, didn’t quite ascend to the dizzying zenith of his earlier ventures. Yet, even in these moments, Connery’s presence and charisma were undeniable, affirming his unparalleled contribution to the Bond legacy.

So, why is Sir Sean Connery the ranked at the top of our James Bond actors? Simply put, Connery became the embodiment of Ian Fleming’s creation, setting a bar so high that comparisons, even after decades, are inevitable. His performances are timeless, transcending eras and resonating with every generation that discovers 007.

James Bond Actors Ranked

Ranking James Bond actors is no easy feat, and most readers are going to disagree with our choices. But as we’ve journeyed through these rankings, it’s clear that every actor who donned the tuxedo brought a distinct flavor to the smorgasbord that is James Bond.

The legacy of the James Bond franchise is not just in its thrilling car chases, sinister villains, or passionate romances, it’s in its ability to reinvent, to endure, and to capture imaginations across generations.

And at the heart of this legacy are the actors who breathed life into Ian Fleming’s creation, making us yearn for more adventures, more danger, more Bond, James Bond.