Marco Sciarra

Marco Sciarra – Spectre Assassin

Marco Sciarra is an assassin, associated with the notorious criminal enterprise Spectre. Married to Lucia Sciarra, he makes his entrance in 2015 film, Spectre. Played by Italian actor and stunt performer, Alessandro Cremona, Sciarra and Bond partake in one of the best opening sequences of the entire Bond series.

Marco Sciarra

Following M’s passing, James Bond is shown a pre-recorded video message that she had arranged for him. In the video, M assigns Bond with the mission to locate and eliminate Marco Sciarra, and to attend his funeral thereafter.

During the Day of the Dead celebration at Mexico City’s Zocalo in November 2015, Bond tails Sciarra. Once Sciarra reaches his intended destination, Bond positions himself on the rooftop of the opposing building and eavesdrops on a conversation between Sciarra and his accomplice, Gallo.


Bond learns that Sciarra’s purpose in Mexico is to detonate a stadium, a part of a covert plot to involve the Mexican Government in the “Nine Eyes” anti-terrorism initiative, spearheaded by Max Denbigh. Bond also overhears that Sciarra is scheduled to rendezvous with the “Pale King” after the explosion.

As the two men toast to their plans, Sciarra’s cigar smoke inadvertently uncovers a laser sight, tipping them off about Bond’s location. Bond takes aim, but only wounds Sciarra, before getting into a gunfire battle with his henchmen.

Shortly after, an explosive detonates within the building, causing significant structural damage to the building Bond is perched on. The building collapses, and luckily Bond finds himself miraculously landing on a sofa amidst the rubble. He notices an injured Sciarra attempting to escape from the debris, who tries to blend into the crowd to avoid capture.

Marco Sciarra in Spectre

A Spectre helicopter swoops in to whisk Sciarra to safety, but before it takes off, Bond also manages to board it. As the two men engage in a heated combat inside the helicopter, the pilot struggles to maintain control.

With the helicopter performing aerial loops, above the thousands of people below, Bond seizes the chance to snatch Marco Sciarra’s SPECTRE-insignia ring and ejects him from the helicopter, leading to his fall into the crowd and death.

Following his unauthorized actions in Mexico, Bond is suspended by the newly appointed M. Regardless, Bond is resolute in pursuing the lead provided by his former superior and makes his way to Rome to attend Sciarra’s funeral.

Among the attendees, unbeknownst to Bond, is his old foster brother Franz Oberhauser, who is presently at the helm of Spectre under the alias Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Once the funeral is over, Bond meets Sciarra’s widow Lucia. They make love, before she informs him of a Spectre meeting in Rome.

Alessandro Cremona

Alessandro Cremona, an Italian actor born in 1969 got into acting relatively late. His acting career took off in the late 1990s, and he gained notable recognition for his role as henchman Marco Sciarra in Bond 24, Spectre. However, he must be the unluckiest actor going. Despite playing the husband of Lucia Sicarra, a character played by Monica Bellucci, they never shared a scene together.

Since then, he has had numerous roles in movies and TV shows, including the role of Shia LaBeouf in the 2022 movie Padre Pio, and Padilla in the TV mini-series Arthur. Cremona is also a passionate photographer, with his work showcased in Italian galleries. Additionally, he actively participates in charitable endeavors, leveraging his fame to contribute to society.