Lucia Sciarra

Lucia Sciarra: Monica Bellucci Playing The Oldest Bond Girl

Lucia Sciarra is the wife of a SPECTRE agent named Marco Sciarra. Brought to life by the acclaimed Italian actress Monica Bellucci, she’s a minor Bond Girl that features early in the James Bond movie, Spectre (2015).

Lucia Sciarra

On the orders of his former superior M by a posthumous video, Bond is tasked with tracking the infamous hitman Marco Sciarra with the mission to kill him and later go to his funeral, use his charm on Sciarra’s wife, who might reveal more information than Sciarra himself.

James Bond 007 embarks on a journey to Mexico, and at the Day of the Dead Celebrations, he stops Sciarra’s terror plot by killing him and taking out a few others, albeit on an unauthorised mission.


In Rome, at Sciarra’s funeral, his widow, Lucia, partakes in his funeral ceremony, oblivious to the fact that both Bond and her late husband’s employer, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, are among the attendees.

At the funeral, Bond strikes up a conversation with Lucia Sciarra, initially expressing sympathy but soon starting to probe her bereavement. Two of her bodyguards, Marco and Francesco, arrive so Lucia parts ways with Bond at the church.

Later that evening, when Lucia Sciarra returns home, she narrowly escapes an assassination attempt by her own bodyguards who are under Blofeld’s command. Bond intercepts the situation, neutralizing the threat and saving her life. Rather than showing gratitude, however, Lucia sternly informs Bond that his efforts are in vain as more assassins will be sent after her.

Lucia Sciarra and James Bond together

Learning that Bond was responsible for her husband’s death, Lucia confronts him within the confines of her home. The atmosphere gets tense as Lucia predicts her own death, but as they stand against a mirror, both Bond and Lucia grasp the gravity of their situation – they must collaborate to survive.

Lucia Ciarra then tells Bond all she knows about the organization, perhaps hinting at her own involvement, owing to her husband’s association. She further reveals that a clandestine meeting is slated at the Palazzo Cardenza, to appoint her husband’s successor.

They then spend the night together, before Bond assures Lucia of her safety, introducing the idea of his CIA Agent, Felix Leiter, escorting her to a safe location.

Lucia imparts a final piece of advice to Bond, urging him to accompany her, but Bond bids her farewell, expressing in Italian, “buona fortuna, donna Lucia,” (good fortune, Lady Lucia). And this is the last we see of Lucia Sciarra.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is a celebrated Italian actress and model who initiated her career in the fashion industry, gaining recognition at 13 and eventually becoming a top model in global fashion capitals. Her striking appearances on Vogue and Elle covers led to collaborations with prestigious brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Cartier.

Bellucci transitioned to acting in 1990 with her debut in Vita coi figli, and her big international break came two years later with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. She achieved significant recognition in 1997 with a César Award nomination for The Apartment and later charmed American audiences in Under Suspicion. She garnered controversy and critical acclaim with her performances in Irréversible and The Passion of the Christ.

Bellucci had auditioned for the role of Paris Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies, but she lost out to Teri Hatcher. However, at 50 years old, Bond fans got what they had always wanted when she became the oldest Bond girl, playing widow Lucia Sciarra in Bond 24, Spectre (2015), although this decision didn’t go down well with everyone.

Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra