Garth Ennis to Mark 007’s 70th Anniversary with a Fresh Bond Comic Series

Garth Ennis to Mark 007’s 70th Anniversary with a Fresh Bond Comic Series

It looks like superspy James Bond is set to make a triumphant return to the pages of comic books. And the man tasked with wielding the narrative Walther PPK, none other than Garth Ennis, the maestro behind The Boys and Marvel Comics’ Punisher franchise.

As the iconic 007 celebrates his 70th anniversary, Dynamite Entertainment has tapped Ennis to orchestrate a brand-new series that promises to plunge readers into the heart-pounding realm of espionage and intrigue.

This announcement marks a significant addition to Dynamite’s ongoing roster of 007 comics, following in the esteemed footsteps of creators like Ben Percy, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, and Warren Ellis.


The Creative Team Behind the Spy Thrills

The news broke on Dynamite’s official website, where the curtain was lifted on this eagerly awaited collaboration. Ennis, renowned for his knack for crafting gritty, unapologetic tales, will be teaming up with the talented Rapha Lobosco, known for his work on James Bond: Black Box, to visually bring this new adventure to life.

With cover art by the illustrious Dave Johnson, whose portfolio boasts titles such as Detective Comics and Deadpool, it’s safe to say that the creative firepower behind this venture is nothing short of stellar. And the release date? Mark your calendars for January 2024, it’s going to be a thrilling start to the year.

The plot that awaits us in A Cold, Cold Heart promises all the hallmarks of a classic Bond caper. Bond finds himself hot on the trail of a Russian chemical agent notorious for its lethality, leaving no trace behind.

Enter Archie Tryon, an enigmatic Soviet veteran who clandestinely liberated this deadly weapon from Russia’s grasp. Bond and Archie are set to embark on a high-stakes mission, one that will unravel a conspiracy reaching deep into the clandestine corridors of MI6.

Celebrating 007’s 70th Anniversary

As if the tantalizing prospect of Ennis steering Bond’s exploits wasn’t enough, this series arrives just in time to salute the 70th anniversary of James Bond, while also coinciding with a decade of Dynamite’s commitment to publishing 007 comics.

Speaking on Ennis’ selection as the scribe for this thrilling venture, Dynamite say that they have found the “perfect creative partner to celebrate these milestones in classy, brutal, and typical Bond style.”

Author Garth Ennis

But what distinguishes this upcoming series from its cinematic counterparts is Ennis’ intention to hark back to Ian Fleming‘s original novels, plumbing the depths of Bond’s character in a way that delves into darker territory.

In his own words, Ennis describes his approach: “When I took a look at the Bond of the Fleming novels, as opposed to the larger-than-life figure from the movies, I saw a great deal more potential – a much darker character in a more interesting world.”

A Glimpse into Ennis’ Previous Work

For those eager to get a taste of what Ennis has in store for Bond aficionados, a glance at his previous works offers tantalizing hints.

Jimmy’s Bastards, published by Aftershock Comics, offers a satirical take on the world of espionage with a secret agent beset by an army of progeny from his many paramours. Meanwhile, Punisher MAX finds its main man tackling missions that would make Bond himself raise an eyebrow, including a covert operation to recover a flesh-eating bioweapon concealed in a Russian bunker.

One thing is abundantly clear: both fans of Garth Ennis and devotees of James Bond are in for a treat.

Dynamite’s legacy of delivering strong and compelling Bond narratives since acquiring the license, from tracing a young Bond’s origins in WWII to exploring the lives of minor characters such as M, Felix Leiter, and Mrs. Moneypenny, should make the stoires more interesting..

The prospect of a writer of Ennis’ caliber taking the helm for Bond is sure to uphold that proud tradition. Although one might have to brace yourself, for the dark side of 007 is about to be unveiled in a manner that might surprise readers.