Matthew Vaughn Latest Director Linked with Bond 26

Matthew Vaughn Latest Director Linked with Bond 26

Rumours have it that acclaimed British filmmaker Matthew Vaughn, best known for his Bond-inspired Kingsman spy films, is being considered as the “top choice” to helm the upcoming Bond 26 film.

Vaughn’s repertoire within the spy thriller genre is impressive and continually expanding. Aside from the Kingsman series, his latest spy blockbuster, Argylle, is set to hit cinemas on in February next year, with Henry Cavill in the lead role. Interesting huh? Well, he’s also previously collaborated with Aaron Taylor-Johnson in movies Kick-Ass and The King’s Man.

Interestingly, both Cavill and Taylor-Johnson are among the favourites tipped by bookies to don the mantle of James Bond next, a fact that Vaughn is fully cognizant of. And of course, if Vaughn does come on board, it could result in a reunion with one of these actors.


Vaughn Always Denied He’d Ever Direct a Bond Film

Despite the rumour mill in full swing, the development might come as a surprise to Vaughn himself. In a 2021 interview while promoting The King’s Man, Vaughn was rather skeptical about his prospects of ever directing a Bond film.

His speculation seemed rooted in the competition between his Kingsman series and the James Bond franchise. With three Kingsman films under his belt, a fourth on the way, and a television series spinoff in development, it’s plausible that the Bond team sees Vaughn’s work as a significant rival. Yet, despite these apprehensions, it’s clear Vaughn harbors a deep affection for Bond, citing the franchise as a significant influence on his work.

“I don’t think the Bond people would touch me with a stick, I don’t think,” said Vaughn in a Screenrant interview. “They don’t like me. I don’t know. You know, to be blunt. I love Bond. It’s obviously a huge influence on me.”

Meanwhile, his next spy movie, Argylle, is causing quite a buzz. The film, based on Elly Conway’s upcoming debut novel, will feature an ensemble cast including Bryce Dallas Howard, Samuel L. Jackson, Bryan Cranston, Sam Rockwell, Catherine O’Hara, and pop sensation Dua Lipa. And James Bond hopeful, Henry Cavill, of Man of Steel fame, will star in the titular role.

As we await official confirmation, one thing remains clear: whether or not Matthew Vaughn takes on the Bond director’s chair, he continues to shape the spy genre in his unique and influential way. As Vaughn himself said in the interview, “You wait till you see Argylle.”