Rami Malek’s Rapid-Fire Reviews of Iconic James Bond Villains

Rami Malek’s Rapid-Fire Reviews of Iconic James Bond Villains

During a recent chat with British GQ, renowned actor Rami Malek, famous for his roles in Bohemian Rhapsody and Mr. Robot, and of course as Bond villain Lyutsifer Safin in the last Bond movie, No Time to Die, treated audiences to a brisk jaunt through the villainous hall of fame in the James Bond universe.

In a swift and sharp manner, he offered his views on a range of the most memorable James Bond villains, each characterized with just a few, but potent words.

Goldfinger is Blowhard while Jaws is the Quintessential Henchman

Auric Goldfinger was first up, a character whose remembered for his grandiose, gold-obsessed nature and his ambitious plan to infiltrate Fort Knox, Malek labelled him as “blowhard.” Goldfinger’s henchman, Oddjob was aptly dubbed “dapper,” a name that perfectly captured this stylish henchman’s notorious image.


Next up was the iconic villain, Jaws, who Malek referred to as the “quintessential henchman.” With his terrifying steel teeth and imposing stature, Jaws, portrayed by the late Richard Kiel, remains one of the most visually unforgettable villains in the Bond franchise, and is one of only a select few villainous characters to appear in more than one Bond movie.

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Le Chiffre the Most elegant of Bond Villains

Malek labeled Le Chiffre as “elegant,” a fitting description of this villain whose sophistication concealed his ruthless nature, until he started losing at cards, that is. Max Zorin and May Day were hailed as “iconic bad asses,” exemplifying their daring and forceful personas.

Malek recognized Baron Samedi‘s over-the-top nature by describing him as “theatrical,” capturing his extravagant portrayal as the voodoo spirit of darkness and death. Dr. Julius No was highlighted for “setting the tone” with his blend of elegance and threat for all villains to follow.

Malek paid homage to two female villains, firstly labelling Rosa Klebb as “spiked shoe” in reference to her, erm… spiked shoe. Not very creating Rami! The last actor to play a Bond villain also acknowledged the deadly femme fatale Xenia Onatopp from GoldenEye, calling her a “poisonous assassin,” capturing her lethal allure.

Malek went on to mention other villains such as the “extremely competent” assassin Francisco Scaramanga, the “vicious” Franz Sanchez, and as for Hugo Drax, whose grand ambitions in Moonraker earned him the descriptor “out of this world…” I see what he did there!

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Raoul Silva and Blofelds Up Next

Rami Malek described Skyfall legend, Raoul Silva as “savage” capturing the character’s raw, primal ruthlessness and his unorthodox, chaotic approach to achieving his ends. Christoph Waltz’s Blofeld was called “sharp” and “cunning” succinctly encapsulating Waltz’s performance.

Donald Pleasence‘s portrayal of Blofeld was next up with Malek calling him “the original”, although he momentarily second-guessed himself, humorously pleading that he got it right.

Rami Malek Reviews His Contemporaries: Bond Villains

Rami Malek’s succinct yet insightful review of James Bond villains underscores the franchise’s enduring appeal. His succinct and honest commentary offer a true and vivid reflection of the villains’ indelible contributions to Bond’s lasting allure.