The Spy Who Loved Me Cast

The Spy Who Loved Me Cast

Roger Moore cast

Roger Moore as James Bond

Barbara Back as Agent XXX Anya Amasova

Barbara Bach as Anya Amasova

Karl Stromberg in The Spy Who Loved Me

Curd Jürgens as Karl Stromberg

Geoffrey Keen as Sir Frederick Gray in several Bond films

Geoffrey Keen as Sir Frederick Gray

Walter Gotell as General Gogol

Walter Gotell as General Gogol

Edward de Souza as Sheikh Hosein

Edward de Souza as Sheikh Hosein

Lois Maxwell was the first Miss Moneypenny actress

Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny

Shane Rimmer as Commander Carter, commanding officer of USS Wayne

Shane Rimmer as Commander Carter

Robert Brown as Admiral Hargreaves

Robert Brown as Admiral Hargreaves

George Baker as Captain Benson

George Baker as Captain Benson

Log Cabin Girl Martine Blanchaud in The Spy Who Loved Me

Sue Vanner as Log Cabin Girl

The Cast of The Spy Who Loved Me

The Spy Who Loved Me cast delivered one of the most iconic James Bond films ever made, and certainly Roger Moore’s best. With all the extras from the submarine forces, it’s also the biggest.

The filming took place in Switzerland and Canada (both made out to be Austria), a Naval Base outside Glasgow, Scotland, Egypt, Italy the waters off the coast of the Bahamas and the final scene was filmed off the shore of Malta.

The plot sees Britain and Russia join forces as 2 of their nuclear submarines are somehow stolen. Bond travels around the world investigating, and is paired up with KGB Major XXX, Anya Amasova, played by British actress Barbara Bach.

Roger Moore was criticised moire than most Bond actors, but he really shone in this film. He’s suave, debonair, and always in control, but what really sets Moore apart in this film is his sense of humour. The one liners are all there, a little bit cheesy at time, but come on, it was the 1970s and was expected.

His competitive partnership with Major XXX made for some riveting viewing, as Bond tries his best to outsmart her while also trying his best to bed her. His charm finally works after he saves her life against the menacing giant Jaws, but really this film was more about their Anglo-Soviet partnership.

Major XXX, Anya Amasova was played by the beautiful and highly talented actress and model Barbara Bach. XXX is USSR’s best secret agent and we first see her in bed with her lover.

The phone rings for Major XXX, and most watchers would assume it was him, but he moves over and allows Anya to take her call. It’s an introduction of Bond magnitude is is seen to show her equal footing and stature in the film.

She is an all powerful Bond girl, who doesn’t succumb to Bond’s suave charm, all to easy. She’s smart, tough, and beautiful, and she holds her own against Bond throughout the film. Yes, she’s vulnerable, but so is Bond and she saves his life, and outwits him from time to time.

She finds out Bond killed her lover and the ever professional KGB agent vows to kill Bond after the mission is complete. When it comes to it, she can’t as she’s fallen in love with him, but form the beginning of their partnership to the ending where they’re in bed, it’s a great partnership that adds plenty of spice to the plot.

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Curd Jürgens plays Bond villain Karl Stromberg. A man with a mega plan to create havoc between the east and west to ultimately create an underwater civilization that he will control. It’s a plan of Bond villain proportions, and he hijacks 3 nuclear submarines as part of his plans.

An aging Jürgens plays the part perfectly, as a meglomaniac with more money than sense doesn’t need to portray an all action powerful antagonist. Especially when he has Jaws as part of his staff.

Of all Bond villains throughout the movie series, Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me cast is one of the most iconic. The 7ft 2in giant is a constant menace to Bond and Amasova, and any young kid watching back in the 1970s would have had nightmares about him.

Richard Kiel plays the part perfectly, and although it’s a non-speaking part there’s a blend of menace and humour through his scenes. His goofy grin shone whenever he disposed of somebody, but when he manages to drop an ancient Egyptian rock on his own foot, his reaction is masterful and hilarious.

Caroline Munro plays Naomi, Stromberg’s personal pilot. She’s absolutely beautiful and even more absolutely crazy. Naturally flirty, many will think she’s a Bond girl in waiting, but we see her in her full armour as she pilots the helicopter that chases Bond off the pier in his Lotus Espirit.

The chase is mesmerising and the way she controls the chopper, yes we know it wasn’t really her, and rains down the bullets on Bond makes for an exciting part of the film. Bond finally sees her off when he fires a torpedo from his car/submarine and wipes out the helicopter and everything near it.

The Spy Who Loved Me cast also boast plenty of reappearances, with M being at his ever best. Bernard Lee played M beautifully, and working hand in hand with his Soviet counterpart General Gogol, he’s constantly embarrassed by Bond’s shenanigans.

Lois Maxwell was back as Miss Moneypenny, and the Canadian actress brings her trademark charm and wit to the role, albeit in short scenes. Desmond Llewellyn plays Q, the head of the British Secret Service’s research and development department.

Anaya Amasova refers to him as Major Boothroyd, which is the first time we hear that name since he was first cast in that role in From Russia with Love. This film is up there with the best roles for Q, and his scene where he’s explaining to Bond about the Lotus Espirit is classic Q. An aging Q can’t tolerate an at times petulant Bond, and tells him off for ruining his gadgets.

From Roger Moore to Richard Kiel, and from Barbara Bach to Caroline Munro this action packed movie offers everything from fantastic action sequences to splashes of light hearted humour. All in all, the The Spy Who Loved Me cast was big, but they certainly delivered one of the iconic films in the franchise’s history.

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The Spy Who Loved Me Cast and Crew

Vernon Dobtcheff as Max Kalba

Michael Billington as Sergei Barsov

Bryan Marshall as Commander Talbott

Nadim Sawalha as Aziz Fekkesh

Sydney Tafler as the Captain of the Liparus

Eva Rueber-Staier as Rubelvitch

Milton Reid as Sandor

Olga Bisera as Felicca

Valerie Leon as the hotel receptionist in Sardinia

Cyril Shaps as Professor Beckmann

Milo Sperber as Dr. Markovitz

Albert Moses as an Egyptian bartender

Marilyn Galsworthy as Stromberg’s secretary

Directed by Lewis Gilbert

Produced by Albert R. Broccoli

Screenplay by Christopher Wood and Richard Maibaum

Based on novel James Bond by Ian Fleming

Cinematography by Claude Renoir

Edited by John Glen

Music by Marvin Hamlisch

Themes Song Nobody Does it Better Sung by Carly Simon

Production company: Eon Productions

Distributed by United Artists

Release dates: 7 July 1977 (London premiere), 8 July 1977 (UK), 3 August 1977 (USA)

Budget: $13.5 million

Box office: $185.4 million