Meet The Spy Who Loved Me Cast

The Spy Who Loved Me Cast

Roger Moore cast

Roger Moore as James Bond

Barbara Back as Agent XXX Anya Amasova

Barbara Bach as Anya Amasova

Karl Stromberg in The Spy Who Loved Me

Curd Jürgens as Karl Stromberg

Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me

Richard Kiel as Jaws

spy who loved me Caroline Munro as Naomi

Caroline Munro as Naomi

Geoffrey Keen as Sir Frederick Gray in several Bond films

Geoffrey Keen as Sir Frederick Gray

Walter Gotell as General Gogol

Walter Gotell as General Gogol

Edward de Souza as Sheikh Hosein

Edward de Souza as Sheikh Hosein

Lois Maxwell was the first Miss Moneypenny actress

Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny

Shane Rimmer as Commander Carter, commanding officer of USS Wayne

Shane Rimmer as Commander Carter

Robert Brown as Admiral Hargreaves

Robert Brown as Admiral Hargreaves

George Baker as Captain Benson

George Baker as Captain Benson

Log Cabin Girl Martine Blanchaud in The Spy Who Loved Me

Sue Vanner as Log Cabin Girl

The Cast of The Spy Who Loved Me

The Spy Who Loved Me cast, led by the inimitable Roger Moore, with the charismatic Roger Moore steering its course, weaves a spellbinding tale of espionage that remains peerless. This film, drenched in allure and suspense, is frequently heralded as the pièce de résistance of Moore’s Bond chapter.

From the icy expanses of Switzerland and Canada, both cunningly masquerading as Austria, to sun-kissed Egyptian sands and the shimmering waters of the Bahamas, culminating in the alluring backdrop of Malta – the globe-trotting exhilaration is palpable.

The narrative cleverly interweaves the British and Russian dance of politics and espionage when they grudgingly join hands as their precious nuclear submarines vanish into thin air. Enter Bond. Suave, always on the pulse, and exuding that typical Moore-esque humour that makes you chuckle and wince simultaneously – it’s kitsch, it’s the ’70s, and one can’t help but revel in it.


The magnetic tension between Bond and Major Anya Amasova (aka Agent XXX) is palpable, leaving viewers on tenterhooks. Barbara Bach’s portrayal of the beguiling KGB Agent XXX is nothing short of luminous. From the moment she steals that phone call from under her lover’s gaze, you realise she’s not just another pawn in Bond’s game.

With her cerebral prowess, enigmatic beauty, and formidable spirit, Amasova is the very antithesis of a mere Bond arm candy. In a series that’s no stranger to robust female personalities, Anya stands tall, matching Bond step for step. Yet, vulnerabilities bloom on both sides, intertwining their fates in unexpected ways.

Discovering Bond’s role in her lover’s death triggers in her a chilling promise of retribution. Yet, from professional animosity to the bedroom, their journey is a scintillating mélange of tension and passion.

In sum, “The Spy Who Loved Me” is a masterclass in Bond storytelling, enriched by Bach’s transcendent performance and Moore at his inimitable best. A gem of the ’70s, deserving of every laurel and clap.

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Curd Jürgens’ Karl Stromberg stands tall as the main villain with ambitions as vast as the ocean floor he seeks to command. Orchestrating a tug-of-war between East and West, his Machiavellian scheme — hijacking not one, but three nuclear submarines — screams of quintessential Bond villainy.

The seasoned Jürgens strikes a symphony of menace, proving that one doesn’t require brawn when one has the jaws – not the anatomical kind, but the metal-mouthed behemoth of the same name.

Of the cavalcade of adversaries that Bond encounters, Jaws is an indelible figure. Towering at 7ft 2in, this colossus, magnificently portrayed by Richard Kiel, melds terror and titillation. His malevolent smile becomes an emblem of trepidation, yet he’s not immune to comical foibles – notably, an errant Egyptian stone misstep, making for a delectable blend of horror and humour.

Caroline Munro’s Naomi, Stromberg’s airborne sentinel, is a vision of deadly allure. Effortlessly beguiling, she flits between femme fatale and potential Bond conquest, but unortunately for Bond purists, she’s just an evil villain.

That said, in her airborne duel with 007, missiles and bullets raining down, she truly dazzles. But it’s Bond’s sleek Lotus Esprit S1, transforming seamlessly into a submarine, that steals the scene. When Bond retaliates with an audacious underwater salvo, using the Lotus’s submerged arsenal, cinema magic ensues in a scene that has become iconic in film lore.

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The cast of The Spy Who Loved Me includes a constellation of familiar faces. Bernard Lee’s M, exuding authoritative gravitas, plays off marvellously against his Russian counterpart, the enigmatic General Gogol. And amidst Bond’s high-octane antics, M, as always, finds himself perennially nonplussed.

Lois Maxwell’s Miss Moneypenny retains her inimitable blend of sassy wit, even in fleeting moments. And then, Desmond Llewellyn’s Q, or Major Boothroyd as Amasova nods to his past, the legendary Q master once again shines in his tête-à-tête with 007.

From the debonair Roger Moore to the looming Richard Kiel, and from the enigmatic Barbara Bach to the fierce Caroline Munro, this film is a veritable feast of suspense, action, and light-hearted levity. In essence, the The Spy Who Loved Me cast and cars didn’t merely fill the screen, they etched an enduring cinematic masterpiece in the annals of Bond history.

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The Spy Who Loved Me Cast and Crew

  • Roger Moore – James Bond
  • Barbara Bach – Anya Amasova
  • Richard Kiel – Jaws
  • Curd Jürgens – Karl Stromberg
  • Caroline Munro – Naomi
  • Desmond Llewelyn – Q
  • Albert R. Broccoli
  • Bernard Lee – M
  • Lois Maxwell – Miss Moneypenny
  • Michael Billington – Sergei Barsov
  • Nadim Sawalha – Aziz Fekkesh
  • Vernon Dobtcheff – Max Kalba
  • Walter Gotell – General Gogol
  • George Baker – Captain Benson
  • Shane Rimmer – Commander Carter
  • Jeremy Bulloch
  • Geoffrey Keen – Sir Frederick Gray
  • Kim Fortune
  • Valerie Leon – Hotel Receptionist
  • Olga Bisera – Felicca
  • Robert Brown – Admiral Hargreaves
  • Kevin McNally
  • Marilyn Galsworthy – Stromberg’s Assistant
  • Sue Vanner – Log Cabin Girl
  • Milton Reid – Sandor
  • Albert Moses – Barman
  • Nicholas Campbell
  • Garrick Hagon
  • Bryan Marshall – Commander Talbot
  • George Roubicek – Stromberg One Captain
  • Sydney Tafler – Liparus Captain
  • Vincent Marzello
  • John Salthouse
  • Cyril Shaps – Dr. Bechmann
  • Milo Sperber – Prof. Markovitz
  • Edward de Souza – Sheikh Hosein
  • Murray Salem
  • Anika Pavel
  • Irvin Allen
  • Dennis Blanch
  • Peter Whitman
  • Rafiq Anwar
  • David Auker
  • Ray Jewers
  • Christopher Muncke
  • Nick Ellsworth
  • Keith Buckley
  • Bob Sherman
  • Barry Andrews
  • Tom Gerrard

More Info

Who directed The Spy Who Loved Me?

The Spy Who Loved Me was directed by Lewis Gilbert.

Who produced The Spy Who Loved Me?

The Spy Who Loved Me was produced by Albert R. Broccoli.

Who were the screenwriters for The Spy Who Loved Me?

The screenplay for The Spy Who Loved Me was written by Christopher Wood and Richard Maibaum.

Who was responsible for the cinematography for The Spy Who Loved Me?

The cinematography for The Spy Who Loved Me was done by Claude Renoir.

Who edited The Spy Who Loved Me?

The Spy Who Loved Me was edited by John Glen.

Who composed the music for The Spy Who Loved Me?

The music for The Spy Who Loved Me was composed by Marvin Hamlisch.

Who sang the theme song for The Spy Who Loved Me?

The theme song for The Spy Who Loved Me, titled “Nobody Does it Better” was sung by Carly Simon.

When was The Spy Who Loved Me released?

The Spy Who Loved Me had its London premiere on 7 July 1977. It was then released in the UK on 8 July 1977 and in the USA on 3 August 1977.

What was the budget for The Spy Who Loved Me?

The Spy Who Loved Me had a budget of $13.5 million.

How much did The Spy Who Loved Me earn at the box office?

The Spy Who Loved Me earned $185.4 million at the box office.