Meet the Thunderball Cast

Thunderball Cast

Sean Connery looking dapper as James Bond

Sean Connery as James Bond

Emilio Largo in Thunderball

Adolfo Celi as Emilio Largo

Claudine Auger as Domino

Claudine Auger as Domino

henchwoman Fiona Volpe in Thunderball

Luciana Paluzzi as Fiona Volpe

Martine Beswick in Thunderball

Martine Beswick as Paula Caplan

Patricia Fearing in Thunderball

Molly Peters as Patricia Fearing

Lois Maxwell

Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny

Rik Van Nutter as Felix Leiter

Rik Van Nutter as Felix Leiter

Guy Doleman as Count Lippe

Guy Doleman as Count Lippe

Paul Stassino as François Derval

Paul Stassino as François Derval

Philip Locke as Vargas

Philip Locke as Vargas

The Cast of Thunderball

The Thunderball ensemble graced us with a Bond film that’s etched indelibly in the annals of cinematic lore. Marking the fourth 007 venture in a four-year span, it saw Sean Connery once again, dazzle with his quintessential portrayal of James Bond.

Do allow me a minute’s digression: the opening gambit! Connery, atop that grand palace balcony, against a bevy of goons, one could almost hear the subtle gasp of collective anticipation…

And then… that jetpack! That magnificent Bell Rocket Belt! Originating from the annals of US military, though falling slightly short with its 22-second airtime, it nevertheless gave Bond the theatrical exit he so deserves, stitching itself firmly into the quilt of cinematic grandeur.


But let us not forget the orchestration of SPECTRE‘s malevolent waltz led by none other than Emilio Largo, the linchpin of the Thunderball cast’s nefarious ensemble.

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Adolfo Celi wore Largo’s ambitions and insecurities like a bespoke suit – wealthy, debonair, yet a tad intoxicated by his own might. His portrayal, magnetic and calculated, has left many a Bond enthusiast applauding in the aisles.

As for the luminous Claudine Auger, portraying the enigmatic Dominique ‘Domino’ Derval – ah, a tale of casting twists! While whispers had once linked Julie Christie to the iconic role after her performance in ‘Billy Liar’, the fates, or perhaps producer Broccoli’s keen intuition, bestowed the mantle upon Auger.

With a name tweak from ‘Dominetta Palazzi’ to better echo her French heritage, Auger’s Domino captivated in her monochromatic allure. Her impeccable Bond girl portrayal, coupled with her palpable chemistry with Connery, only reinforces the sagacity of Broccoli’s final choice.

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Other members of the Thunderball cast, Luciana Paluzzi shimmered as Fiona Volpe – the vivacious SPECTRE assassin. Initially with sights set on the role of Domino, Paluzzi gracefully transitioned to the fiery Fiona Kelly, aptly renamed ‘Volpe’ to echo her fox-like cunning.

The film’s plot meanders as Volpe ensnares Francois Derval, only to double-cross him. Her seduction of Bond is less romance, more cold strategy. Paluzzi herself mused that her role eclipsed that of Domino in sheer mischief – and, by Jove, aren’t we inclined to concur?

Then there’s the gallant Rik Van Nutter, portraying Felix Leiter with that quintessential CIA verve. Serving as Bond’s right-hand man, even enduring a Bond-branded punch to the gut, his contribution is indispensable.

Miss Molly Peters graces the screen as Patricia Fearing, the therapist left flustered by Bond’s audacious charm. Her ensuing dalliance with 007 is a product of a bygone era, perhaps less championed today.

And Martine Beswick, fresh off the From Russia with Love casting is back for a second Bond girl role. This time, embodying Paula Caplan, Bond’s confidante in the sun-drenched locales of Nassau, their liaison never ventures into explicit territories, but Beswick’s portrayal radiates an intimation that she is far more than just Bond’s aide.

Bernard Lee’s M, the stalwart of MI6, delivers orders with a quizzical eyebrow – ever the skeptic of Bond’s aquatic preferences. Meanwhile, Desmond Llewelyn’s Q brandishes his gadgets with customary flair, admonishing 007’s nonchalance with quintessential British understatement.

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The effervescent Lois Maxwell as Moneypenny, replete with witticisms, presents an elixir of light-heartedness to the Bond universe. Though essential, one might venture that her role in Thunderball was primed for Bond’s repartees.

Collectively, the cast of Thunderball painted a masterful tableau, each artist blending their unique shade, creating characters that stand as vivid strokes in the expansive canvas of Bond lore.

With its triumphant box office resonance and plaudits from critics, Thunderball not only clinched an Oscar for its dazzling visual spectacles but also ensured that its illustrious cast took their rightful place among the pantheon of Bond’s most iconic troupes.

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The full Thunderball Cast

  • Sean Connery – James Bond
  • Claudine Auger – Domino Vitali
  • Luciana Paluzzi – Fiona Volpe
  • Martine Beswick – Paula
  • Adolfo Celi – Emilio Largo
  • Molly Peters – Patricia Fearing
  • Rik Van Nutter – Felix Leiter
  • Bernard Lee – M
  • Lois Maxwell – Miss Moneypenny
  • Rose Alba – Madame Boitier
  • Philip Locke – Vargas
  • Desmond Llewelyn – Q
  • Paul Stassino – François Derval
  • Earl Cameron – Pinder
  • Roland Culver – Home Secretary
  • George Pravda – Ladislav Kutze
  • Michael Brennan – Janni
  • Leonard Sachs – Group Captain Prichard
  • Edward Underdown – Air Vice Marshal
  • Reginald Beckwith – Kenniston
  • Maryse Guy Mitsouko – Madame La Barbie
  • Bob Simmons – Colonel Jacques Bouvar
  • Anthony DawsonErnst Stavro Blofeld
  • Bill Cummings – Quist
  • Victor Beaumont – SPECTRE No. 3
  • Philip Stone – SPECTRE No. 5
  • Cecil Cheng – SPECTRE No. 7
  • Michael Smith – SPECTRE No. 8
  • Clive Cazes – SPECTRE No. 9
  • André Maranne – SPECTRE No. 10
  • Murray Kash – SPECTRE No. 11
  • Gábor Baraker – SPECTRE No. 13

More Info

Who directed Thunderball?

Thunderball was directed by Terence Young.

Who produced Thunderball?

Thunderball was produced by Kevin McClory.

Who wrote the screenplay for Thunderball?

The screenplay for Thunderball was written by Richard Maibaum and John Hopkins. It’s worth noting that the original screenplay was crafted by Jack Whittingham.

Who was in charge of the cinematography for Thunderball?

The cinematography for Thunderball was handled by Ted Moore.

Who edited Thunderball?

Thunderball was edited by Peter Hunt and Ernest Hosler.

Is Thunderball based on any literature?

Yes, Thunderball is based on the novel of the same name by Ian Fleming.

Who composed the music for Thunderball?

The music for Thunderball was composed by John Barry.

Who performed the theme song for Thunderball?

The theme song for Thunderball was sung by Tom Jones.

When was Thunderball released?

Thunderball premiered in Tokyo on 9 December 1965. It was then released in the USA on 22 December 1965 and in the UK on 29 December 1965.

What was the budget for Thunderball?

The budget for Thunderball was $9 million.

How much did Thunderball earn at the box office?

Thunderball grossed $141.2 million at the box office.