Betting on Bond: A Look at the Latest Odds on the Next James Bond

Betting on Bond: Anticipating the Next 007

The speculation surrounding who will next utter “Bond, James Bond,” on screen continues to mount among fans and bettors alike.

From the moment Daniel Craig confirmed his departure from the iconic role, speculation and betting odds have surrounded his potential successor as the beloved 007.

After 007 film producer Michael G. Wilson revealed that the next Bond will be a “30-something”, fans and bookmakers alike scrambled to reassess their picks, ousting early favourites Idris Elba and Tom Hardy from their podium positions.


Rumors circulate daily, with the latest linking Richard Armitage to the role of James Bond, a claim he has promptly denied. But as the leading names change regularly, let’s take a loo at the leading names on who might be next

Aaron Taylor-Johnson – 4/1

Securing the top spot on the bookies’ list, British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has already covertly shot a scene at the renowned Pinewood Studios in Berkshire.

Taylor-Johnson, known for his roles in Bullet Train (2022), Avengers: Age of Ultron, Kick-Ass series, and Tenet, has notably impressed franchise bosses. A franchise insider even hinted that he’s “a step closer to signing a deal.”

Henry Cavill – 5/1

Henry Cavill, whose global fame skyrocketed playing Superman, is also a strong contender for the Bond role. His debonair looks and comfortable handling of action roles certainly make him a fan favourite.

From his early roles in The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) and I Capture the Castle (2003), to TV stints in The Inspector Lynley Mysteries and The Tudors, and ultimately landing Superman in Man of Steel, Cavill’s acting journey has been remarkable.

next james bond
Aaron Taylor Johnson and Henry Cavill lead the way as the next James Bond

James Norton – 5/1

With a typically British charm and good looks to match, James Norton has consistently been in the running to be the next Bond.

Norton, famous for his roles in “Grantchester” and as the malicious Tommy Lee Royce in Happy Valley, carries both the English prestige and the ability to convey Bond’s darker edge. Despite his warning to fans “not to bet on him”, his portrayal of characters, and even a 2019 interview discussing the James Bond drink, martini, suggest otherwise.

Rege-Jean Page – 5/1

Rege-Jean Page, heartthrob of the popular series Bridgerton, has also been in the spotlight for the next Bond, especially after his appearance in thriller The Gray Man. His 1988 birth year places him snugly within the desired age range for the next iteration of the character.

Damson Idris – 11/2

London-born Damson Idris, well-regarded for his role in the crime drama series Snowfall, and the sci-fi film Outside the Wire, brings a charismatic and intense performance style to the table. With a steadily growing career and his British roots, Idris is also seen as a potential fit for the savvy spy role.

Tom Hardy – 8/1

Despite a passionate backing from Bond enthusiasts, Tom Hardy finds his chances for 007 diminished due to the age specification.

Noted for his versatile roles in Inception, Mad Max: Fury Road and Venom, Hardy has long been a favourite for the spy role. His impeccable acting skills and previous portrayals of tough characters make him a popular choice, yet it seems the odds might not be in his favour this time.

The anticipation of the next Bond selection continues to thrill fans globally as they await the unveiling of the new 007 with bated breath. All odds above are based on prices from Oddschecker.