Richard Armitage’s Bond Ambitions: Villainous Rather than Valorous?

Richard Armitage’s Bond Ambitions: Villainous Rather than Valorous?

British heartthrob and Obsession star, Richard Armitage, finds himself dodging more than just villainous gunfire these days. The Castlevania actor recently tangoed with the omnipresent whispers linking him to the coveted role of the globe-trotting super-spy, James Bond, and we were all ears!

Making an appearance on British chat show The One Show last week, Armitage wasn’t merely there to fend off 007 inquiries, but to delve into the murky and thrilling depths of his own creative endeavor: a novel/audiobook christened Geneva, already tantalizingly close to being optioned for a suspenseful TV adventure.

When dissecting his plot, Armitage shared an intriguing anecdote about a real-life skiing calamity, intended to be his own ‘Live and Let Die’ moment, which not only survived its real-world botch but found a home within the book’s pages.


Here, Alex Jones, seizing the narrative, nudged the speculation into the spotlight, telling him, “We’re not interested in chat-chat,” before pausing, and then unironically asking him “Have you sat down properly with Barbara Broccoli?”

Armitage was resolute in his answer, telling her “Never,” before jesting about a potentially aged 007, “Geriatric Bond. No. I guess there’s a rumour every week, it’s very, very nice but I’d be more likely to be a Bond villain at this point in my life. I’ll take that.”

While co-host Jermaine Jenas tipped his hat toward the idea of Armitage embracing his dark side as a Bond adversary, Jones, still in the camp rooting for him as the suave spy, countered: “I think you’re wrong, I think you could be it.”

So Who Next for the Bond Role?

With the iconic Bond mantle hanging in balance and Armitage’s potential enlistment to His Majesty’s cinematic secret service, who else finds themselves navigating through the spy-filled rumours?

Idris Elba, with his suave charm and dynamic aura, has tragically ruled himself out of the 007 running, much to the despair of many fans who envisioned him in the signature tux.

Who'll be the next Bond

Meanwhile, the gritty and intense Tom Hardy also finds his name amidst the speculation. Despite immense popularity and a rugged charm that could lend itself to a darker, broodier Bond, his age might just be the detractor that M16 takes into account.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is another, who finds himself armed with strong rumours and a fanbase that’s rallying behind his potential as a younger, more kinetic Bond. His position? Quite golden-eye-catching in the rumour stakes!

Then there’s Henry Cavill, whose super-manly charm and British allure make him a strong contender. Although he narrowly missed out on the role when Daniel Craig was secured, many argue it’s high time he be given another shot.

Finally, the odds are also favouring Cillian Murphy, with his icy-blue eyes and enigmatic screen presence that arguably could take Bond to a whole new clandestine level.