Christopher Nolan in Talks to Direct 2 Bond Films?

Christopher Nolan Rumored to be in Talks for Directing 2 Bond Films

While things appear to be quiet on the rumor mill, news is circling that acclaimed director Christopher Nolan is in talks for directing the next 2 Bond films.

The world of James Bond is often teeming with the thrum of action, car chases and shaken martinis, but there’s an unusual calm these days. The culprit? The strikes by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) have pushed the pause button on Tinseltown’s frenzied hustle.

As frustrating as it is for Bond fans, there are rumors that continually circle. British director, Matthew Vaughan, has been linked with directing Bond 26, as has Barbie director Greta Gerwig, and its believed Sam Mendes has turned down a ‘generous offer‘ to take up the mantle again.


The Christopher Nolan Proposition: A Double-O Directorial Twist?

Now, this is where the tale gets especially juicy. Rumors are pointing towards Christopher Nolan potentially directing not one, but two Bond escapades.

Barbara Broccoli, the puppet master of Bond’s universe, seems eager to enlist the man renowned for mind-bending epics like Inception and Dunkirk. Their conversations reportedly began even before the WGA strike drama and Nolan’s whirlwind “Oppenheimer” press tour.

However, the relationship between Broccoli and Nolan is best described as ‘complicated.’ Nolan, a maestro of his craft, isn’t one to be boxed in by the age-old Bond formula.

Broccoli’s modus operandi, as reported, typically doesn’t provide directors with a blank slate, leading to a tug of war between the duo. But the discussions are believed to be ongoing for not one but two Nolan-directed Bond films.

Post-Craig Era: Who Next for 007?

As long as the wait goes on, it ironically feels like only yesterday that Daniel Craig, in his inimitably suave manner, said his goodbyes with the release of No Time To Die in 2021. And while the strikes’ shadow looms large, it’s tantalising to ponder who might be next to don the famous tuxedo.

Vinnie Jones has put his name forward for a Bond villain role

Bond producers, we suspect, were on the hunt for the next 007 before the strike curtains fell. The Wire star Idris Elba was an early favorite, but has since distanced himself from taking over as the next James Bond.

Other names have since led the betting race, including Aaron Taylor-Johnson, whom whispers suggest has been breaking bread with the franchise’s makers. Henry Cavill is another name at the top table, and after losing out to Craig for being a bit young in 2005, he’s certainly old enough now.

Actors to have put their names forward for a villain role include Ant-Man star David Dastmalchian, and former Leeds United and Chelsea star Vinnie Jones, who has candidly put his name forward.