Daniel Craig Reveals All in Bond Q&A

Daniel Craig Reveals All in Q&A: The Iconic Actor Looks Back at His James Bond Legacy

The latest man to don the famous tuxedo, Daniel Craig, recently sat down with British GQ for a candid Q&A session on his time playing the James Bond character. Delving into various aspects of his character, personal life, and career, Craig shared insights and anecdotes that offer a new perspective on his stint as the world’s favorite spy.

His revelations ranged from personal favorites within the Bond universe to behind-the-scenes secrets that shaped his performances. Among the most intriguing were his confession about his favorite Bond movie and actor, the surprising truth behind the lengthy gaps between his Bond films, and a handpicked selection of his favorite Bond-related paraphernalia.

This introspective discussion delved into Craig’s experiences portraying one of the most recognized characters in cinematic history, providing fans with an enriched understanding of his journey as the world’s most beloved spy.


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Daniel Craig Names His Favorite Bond and Movie

Craig enthusiastically named Goldfinger as his favorite movie in the Bond saga. He said Dr. No was a close second, but that it was in Goldfinger where Sean Connery truly embraced the Bond persona that we all know and love.

Speaking of Connery, Craig admitted that the late Scottish actor was his favorite Bond actor, although he did joke that he himself was his favorite. One of the questions asked Daniel Craig to ‘do a Sean Connery’ impression, to which he politely declined.

While fans around the globe have been anxiously awaiting each new James Bond installment, the lengthy gaps between Craig’s Bond movies were met with frustration and often sparked speculation.

The actor dispelled all rumors in his Q&A, explaining that he had broken his foot on set not once, but twice during his time as Bond. This unexpected twist of events inevitably led to longer intervals between movies during his era.

Daniel Craig yet again tipped his hat to Connery, acknowledging that the legendary actor looked best in a Bond suit. However, Craig himself exhibited a special affinity for the stylish Tom Ford suits that became an integral part of his Bond persona.

Reflecting on his sartorial choices, Craig nostalgically recalled his experiences collaborating with the iconic designer. He was given the liberty to experiment and “mess around” with the attire, which allowed him to tailor the quintessential Bond look that impeccably suited his portrayal of the enigmatic spy.

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Which Bond Car was Daniel Craig’s Favorite?

When asked about his favorite Bond car, Craig was unequivocal – the Aston Martin B5 is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. He humorously noted that while the modern Bond cars didn’t break down as often, the classic DB5 will always hold a special place in his heart.

From the exotic locations where Bond movies are filmed, Craig singled out Chile. He specifically pointed out the Atacama desert, as his favorite international shooting location, a place where Quantum of Solace was filmed.

Daniel Craig was Scared of Heights Before Shooting Parkour Chase Scene in Casino Royale

One particularly revealing part of the Q&A was when Craig discussed the crane scene in “Casino Royale”, which he named as one of the most challenging and fun sequences. It’s the opening scene of Casino Royale, where he’s 60 foot high up on a crane, chasing bomb maker, Mollaka.

Interestingly, Craig confessed to having a fear of heights prior to shooting this scene. Despite his phobia, he managed to pull off the daring stunt, proving his commitment to authentically portraying James Bond’s fearlessness. And with it, he overcame his fear of heights.

All in all, this intimate Q&A session offered fans a glimpse into Daniel Craig’s personal experiences and reflections on his tenure as James Bond. Now that his time as 007 is over, these revelations offer an even deeper appreciation of his dedication to one of cinema’s most enduring roles.